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OSHO Tai Chi with Raj

A meditation in motion, Tai Chi is fundamentally based on the dynamic relationship between the polarities of Yin and Yang.
Though originally conceived as a martial art, Osho suggested that we drop the chuan or fist and to instead focus on tai chi as an energy art.
In these classes we will learn the widely practised Yang Style 24 Movements form, and the fundamentals of grounding, centering and balance. In addition, we will practise standing and breath work which includes circulation of the chi. These ongoing classes are open to everyone and will be focused on beginners and intermediate players.

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Euros : €10 EUROS per hour
Eventcategories : Tai Chi
Facilitator Bio : Raj has been learning and teaching Tai Chi for more than 40 years. His Tai Chi teachers include some of those who brought tai chi from China to the West in the 70’s and 80’s. He says that his greatest Tai Chi teacher has been, and continues to be, Osho.
Facilitator Name : Raj
Languages spoken : English
Type : Class

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