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OSHO No-Mind 3-9 Mar 2021 (b)

"Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind." Osho

A 7 day process – little longer than 2 hours every day, one hour of Gibberish followed by one hour sitting in silence.

We have the perfect opportunity to throw out the gibberish of the mind.


"Be very passionate in it, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue." Osho


”Only a no-mind is a creative mind. When the so-called mind disappears and there is just pure emptiness, virgin emptiness, out of that virgin emptiness arises creativity. A thousand and one flowers bloom in that emptiness."

“I am dealing with the contemporary man, who is the most restless being that has ever evolved on the earth. But people do become silent; you just have to allow them to throw out their madness, insanity, then they themselves become silent.” Osho

What is Gibberish?

Osho has described it on many occasions.

"Just say everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, and society. Be very passionate, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue. Saying anything that is moving in your mind, all kinds of rubbish – throw it out." Osho

"Remember, the first step in meditation is to forget the whole world and just bring out all your craziness in rubbish, gibberish sounds, gestures …. As you throw it out you will find yourself becoming light, becoming more alive. But be total because once you are freed of it, then there is a possibility of going deeper into silence than you have ever gone." Osho


यदि आप भारत में रहते हैं, तो आप मानक EU125 से छूट की कीमत का अनुरोध कर सकते हैं।
यदि यह पहले से ही अगले पृष्ठ पर प्रदर्शित नहीं होता है, तो कृपया अपने ईमेल पते के साथ पर ईमेल करें। धन्यवाद।

Euros : €125 EUROS
Eventcategories : Osho No Mind
Facilitator Bio : Veet Mano, born in the USA in 1956, became a disciple of Osho when Mano was 22 years old, and received his name from Osho directly during his first visit (Veet Mano, meaning beyond mind) and the title Swami, meaning being one's own master, was given to all male disciples. Mano has been leading seminars for the past 29 years. He is a lover of Nature, Good Health and People. Mano is also quite famous for giving individual sessions for body to work on spine problems, including lack of movement and pain in the neck, middle and lower back as well as scoliosis.
Facilitator Name : Veet Mano
Languages spoken : English
Type : Course

Start Date for Facilitator: 7 days - 2021-03-03

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