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Deepening Your Meditation with Sadhana

For issues related to your meditation practice, including finding the right technique for you; looking at methods that can be directly incorporated into everyday life; how to know that your technique is effective, and how to know when its work is done.

Euros : €80 EUROS per hour
Eventcategories : Deepening Your Meditation
Facilitator Bio : Sadhana has been a long-term meditator and a trainer at OSHO Multiversity, Pune. She has been facilitating meditative therapies and other courses designed by OSHO Multiversity in Pune and around the world. Working with individuals from all walks of life from around the world has given her the experience to understand people’s issues in depth. She also looks after OSHO Media Relations at the OSHO International meditation Resort, Pune.
Facilitator Name : Sadhana
Languages spoken : English,Hindi
Type : Session

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