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OSHO Learning Self-Hypnosis with Aditi

Osho explains how learning self-hypnosis gives you such a powerful method for your own transformation:

“The day you can hypnotize yourself is a great day; something valuable has been achieved. Then you can do miracles with it, upon yourself." Osho

And that its greatest value is for meditation:

“Self-hypnosis has to be in the service of meditation; that is its greatest use. But it can serve health, it can serve long life, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage. All that you want, self-hypnosis can help you with. It can dispel your fears of the unknown, it can dispel your fear of death; it can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful. It can make you able to continue an undercurrent of meditation the whole twenty-four hours.” Osho

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Euros : €80 EUROS per hour
Facilitator Bio : Aditi is a qualified psychologist and experienced psychotherapist. She is trained in Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and the OSHO Meditative Therapies. She has been working with people for many years, giving individual sessions and courses both in her private practice and in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
Facilitator Name : Aditi
Languages spoken : English,German
Type : Session

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