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OSHO Methods to Quieten the Mind 13-14 Mar 2021 (m)

This is a weekend course (Sat & Sun), 1 and half hour each day.

"To become available to your inner nature is what I call meditation." Osho

During this weekend course you will learn two meditations, that can be practiced in your daily life. We will use activity to move into silence.


"A time of crisis is a very valuable time. When everything is established and there is no crisis things are dead. When nothing is changing and the grip of the old is perfect, it is almost impossible to change yourself. When everything is in a chaos, nothing is static, nothing is secure, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment – in such a chaotic moment – you are free, you can change. You can attain to the innermost core of your being." Osho

This course will give you a new approach to meditation, which is simple and joyful.

It is for you if you are new to meditation, and the course is also for you if you have been practicing meditation for a long time, as it will be refreshing to discover yet another way to move into silence.
You will be supported by music that has been specially created for these techniques by Veet Marco.

A love of meditation is the only prerequisite for this course.


Main Course Content:

Two meditations from Osho’s Book of Secrets.
“Be Aware Who is Sensing” and “Focus on the Third Eye Center”
The first meditation will be in 4 stages, with instructions and music for three of the stages.
The meditation on the following day will begin with some movement and this will be followed by instructions and music for the first two stages.

"Meditation is just a method of becoming aware of what is happening to you. No disturbance, no judgment, just watching what is happening in you. If you go on watching your instincts and their growth, a moment comes when your instincts start changing into intuition." Osho


Euros : €75 EUROS
Eventcategories : Methods to Quieten the Mind
Facilitator Bio : Shunyo has been practicing OSHO Meditation Techniques for forty-five years, during which time she has travelled extensively throughout the world conducting courses, trainings and meditation retreats.

Shunyo’s training in meditation and awareness began whilst living for fourteen years in close contact with Osho, as part of his personal staff. She is trained as a facilitator in OSHO Mystic Rose, as well as Hypnosis for Meditation and all of Osho’s meditation techniques.

The sessions she offers are a support for people in their meditation and help to bring meditation into daily life with all of its challenges.

Music and movement are an important part of Shunyo’s work in her courses, and this, coupled with her intuitive, heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence. Music by Veet Marco has been specifically created as a support in the meditations.

Shunyo is the director of the OSHO Institute for Vipassana and Zazen.

Her book, that Osho asked her to write, is translated in many languages – the English title is “My Diamond Days with Osho”.

Shunyo facilitates the Methods to Quieten the Mind course and Deepening Your Meditation sessions online.
Facilitator Name : Shunyo
Languages spoken : English
Type : Course

Start Date for Facilitator: Weekend - 2021-03-13

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