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Russian OSHO No-Mind TASTER 10 Feb 2021 (b)

This is a Taster. The course takes place over 7 days and is approximately two hours long each day. The course start time is the same as this Taster. You must be able to speak fluent Russian to attend.

"Be very passionate in it, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue."

View in Russian - Посмотреть на русском

A 45-minute Free Taster


”Only a no-mind is a creative mind. When the so-called mind disappears and there is just pure emptiness, virgin emptiness, out of that virgin emptiness arises creativity. A thousand and one flowers bloom in that emptiness." Osho

What is Gibberish?
Osho has described it on many occasions.
"Just say everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, and society. Be very passionate, as if you are talking, as if your whole life is at stake. You are talking nonsense and there is nobody except you, but be passionate, be in a passionate dialogue. Saying anything that is moving in your mind, all kinds of rubbish – throw it out."

"Remember, the first step in meditation is to forget the whole world and just bring out all your craziness in rubbish, gibberish sounds, gestures …. As you throw it out you will find yourself becoming light, becoming more alive. But be total because once you are freed of it, then there is a possibility of going deeper into silence than you have ever gone."

I have been joining Veet Mano's workshops and therapy courses since 15 years and always find him immensely creative, deep, loving, fun, compassionate and energetic. I admire his passion for Osho work and profound understanding of Osho teaching. I love Veet Mano's way to facilitate Osho meditative therapies with his totality, presence, consistency and big love. Veetmano is always available for questions and any difficulties that participants might face at any moment with his immediate readiness to support and give energy for people to continue the process however difficult it might feel. Veet Mano creates a very beautiful and loving energy field during the courses where everyone feels safe, seen and appreciated as a unique human being on a path of transformation. I find Veet Mano is a very extraordinary facilitator and therapist whose presence inspired thousands of people to follow the Osho way of living. Big big love and gratitude. Usha Shanti

I have known Veet Mano since 2006. Together we organise so many events, including two OSHO Mystic Rose seminars and so many in person seminars, also he has been very supportive for OSHO Center St Petersburg participating in our annual OSHO Festivals. I have been participating and co-facilitating groups and on-line seminars with Veet Mano since the very beginning of the pandemic. We have done three NO-Mind Meditative Therapies and many more Emotional Freedom (Golden Emotions) seminars. Veet Mano is really an exceptional facilitator as he always can find a way to every participant in his unique style.

People just love him for his big heart, loving attitude, enormous friendliness, very clear and simple approach. Another important thing about Veet Mano is that he never changes the «message» communicating OSHO’s words exactly as they are given so he is always sticking with precise instructions and follows them. Last but not the least he is truly an international person. He feels equally easy with whole range of different personalities from all over the World, Russians, Chinese, Germans, Spanish and other it can be continued but I want to give space to some other people too to share :))

I've known Veet Mano for 14 years. I met him by chance, having gone to rest on vacation. The first exercise that I tried was Osho Kundalini Meditation. It was an amazing feeling. Since then I have fallen in love with Osho meditation and the techniques that Mano uses in working with people. I am impressed even now, that every course with him is like the first time. Deep work and amazing results and changes in life - this is what I get after the work done with Veet Mano. I find relaxation and less stress. With Veet Mano, I went through many different courses and tOsho Meditative Therapies, including 10 Osho Mystic Rose and many Osho No Mind courses I know many people whose lives have changed after taking courses with Mano. His big heart is capable of giving support to many people. An individual approach to each participant, great love and power of energy for each participant in the course. Aneesha

Euros : FREE
Eventcategories : Osho No Mind
Facilitator Bio : View in Russian - Посмотреть на русском

Hello Friends! I have always loved the Osho No-Mind Meditative Therapy, and began facilitating Osho No-Mind in 1998. I love this deep and complete process because it can clean so much stress and tension from different layers of the mind and being. It is always, a joy for me to see participants discover a more totality as they let go into the deep cleaning process of gibberish during the first hour. After the gibberish, the second hour of witnessing in silence can go very deep. Come and participate in Osho No-Mind and experience this deep adventure and transformation.
Facilitator Name : Veet Mano
Languages spoken : Russian
Type : Free Taster

Start Date for Facilitator: Wednesday - 2021-02-10

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