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LIVE Online Course - Sat & Sun, two 3-hour sessions each day

From reacting to responding

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“Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating itself like a wheel.”  Osho


As children we bond emotionally with what makes us feel safe and accepted in our family and society. These ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving become patterns that keeps us tethered to an inauthentic life, with little joy.

Freedom from Patterns and Past Lives uses hypnosis and guided exercises to take you deeply into the unconscious in order to re-experience how and why these habits were created. You will be supported to remain uninvolved in these dramas as they unfold – to experience the freedom of not buying into the habits and patterns that keep you trapped.

Once the energy trapped in habitual living is released, meditation – awareness in the moment – becomes easy, and freedom, creativity, intelligence, love, and joy become a natural part of our lives.


Do you get stuck in toxic relationships? Are you doing to others what was done to you? Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed after using anger or intimidation to get what you want? Or perhaps you feel manipulated by others who do this to you?

This short course is your invitation to learn to use the tools essential for escaping the trap of compulsive repetition and to start living and relating authentically and joyfully.

As Osho says, “If you are following some wrong, unhealthy, neurotic, destructive habits, the only reason is that you have not been able to find some creative outlets for your energy. And then the familiar persists, then the familiar becomes automatic, autonomous… You will have to look into your patterns. Why do you think in a certain way? Why has a certain habit taken possession of you? You cannot simply drop it, because it has roots in you and roots go deep and they persist.”


  • To slow down and be able to respond authentically
  • To identify and unlearn negative thinking and behavior patterns
  • To reset the triggers that make you react and repeat old habits
  • To reconnect with your feelings and with your true self
  • To express and live all aspects of your life with joy, creativity, awareness, and love


  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Two 3-hour sessions a day with breaks
  • Osho insights on living with awareness
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey
  • Q&A with facilitator


Course approach

  • Hypnosis

About Anil


Anil has extensive experience in leading personal development workshops and trainings worldwide.

With his entrepreneurial experience and trainings in OSHO Active Meditations, clinical hypnosis, breath and body traumas, he supports entrepreneurs, leaders, seekers, parents and children with transformative breakthroughs and meditation.

His innovative and inspiring style is characterized by his 25 years experience, enthusiasm, passion, playfulness, and the visible love for the work he does. He infuses his unique approach to meditation for achieving stress-free success, bridging meditation with the marketplace, health, wellness, and life-issues.

More about Anil

“The freedom that follows choiceless awareness is the freedom just to be yourself…"
"It is another way of saying that you are centered, rooted in your natural, existential self. It has nothing to do with outside. Freedom from things is dependent on the outside.
"Freedom to do something is also dependent on the outside. Freedom to be ultimately pure has not to be dependent on anything outside you.
"You are born as freedom. "It is just that you have been conditioned to forget it.”
- Osho

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