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11 November - 1 December 2022

Free Taster: 4 November 2022

LIVE Online Course – 21 days, 3 hours a day

Laugh, cry, and let the scars of the past be dissolved in silence

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“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one.”  Osho

The laughter, tears and silence do their work without the need for words, discussion, or analysis as is typical of conventional “therapy.” You just participate with totality and sincerity, and the rest happens by itself.

Details of this 21-day course:


Laughter is a great medicine

For the first seven days we laugh for no reason at all for three hours a day.

“I am introducing laughter as a meditation because nothing makes you so total as laughter; nothing makes you stop your thinking as laughter does. Just for a moment you are no more a mind. Just for a moment you are no more in time. Just for a moment you have entered into another space where you are total and whole and healed.”  Osho

Tears are deeper than words

For the second seven days, we cry for no reason at all for three hours a day.
Osho says about this part of the process:
“Tears are the greatest possible prayer. Don’t worry about analyzing them, don’t try to interpret them; they are beyond interpretation and beyond analysis …You will understand those tears only when you are not hesitant about going into them, when you are not somehow holding yourself back. Go into them utterly. Become tears, and when tears come, enjoy.”

“You have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears – they are all there, covering you and destroying your beauty, your grace, your joy.”

Becoming the mirror. The watcher on the hill

The final seven days is the time for just watching whatever is happening inside or out.
Osho says of the watcher on the hill:
“My effort here is to take away all your scars and all your wounds and make you aware that you are just a watcher. A watcher cannot be wounded; no bullet can pass through it, no nuclear bomb can destroy it.”
“Just be a witness. Go on witnessing whatsoever passes in the mind, and the very process of witnessing has the whole secret in it.”
“Then you know that you are just the quality of reflection, that you are a pure consciousness, a witness, that you are a mirror and nothing else, that you are just a watcher, a watcher on the hill.”


Finding freedom by cleaning up the unconscious mind
Whenever any experience is not fully lived in the moment, it leaves a residue inside us. It may be a small thing, or something really significant, but those residues or scars stay in the unconscious, blocking our natural ability to flower to our full potential.

Whatever is left in the unconscious remains, waiting for an opportunity to be expressed, accepted, and resolved.


A whole new way of seeing yourself and your life, a new way of being.

  • You will see for yourself the burden of the repressions you are carrying.
  • You will have an opportunity to watch these repressions burning up in the fire of your laughter and dissolving in the flow of your tears.
  • You will experience the freedom of simply reflecting mirrorlike whatever passes in the mind.


Mystic Rose offers you a life transforming experience consisting of:

  • A 21-day course.
  • 3 hours of laughter a day for 7 days.
  • 3 hours of crying a day for 7 days.
  • 3 hours of sitting silently for 7 days.

OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting are essential parts of any course booked on OIO and if you haven’t done, please make sure you have subscribed to iOSHO prior to the course starting. Once subscribed you will be able to do the meditations in the time and place suggested by the facilitator. Currently there is a free, 7-day trial, available. If the course you’ve booked is longer than 7 days, please subscribe for one month.



Course approach

  • Meditation

About Vatayana & Veet Mano

Vatayana & Veet Mano

Vatayana is a qualified remedial educator from Germany and a longtime facilitator and trainer for those working with the OSHO Meditations, the OSHO Meditative Therapies, and the OSHO Zen Tarot. Passionately deepening and exploring these techniques for herself and others in an ongoing practice, she gives courses at online, as well as in Osho centers around the world.

Veet Mano first came to Osho in 1978 and since then has been fully immersed in the OSHO Active Meditations and courses. He now shares the meditations and courses around the world through his OSHO Institute for Emotional Balance and Meditation. He especially loves work connected with the emotions – he sees it as a delicate, step by step process which can unlock hidden love, playfulness and other energies in a person’s heart.

“I am giving you a very fundamental technique, fresh and unused. And it is going to become worldwide, without any doubt, because its effects will show anybody that the person has become younger, the person has become more loving, the person has become graceful. The person has become more flexible, less fanatic; the person has become more joyful, more a celebrant.” - Osho

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