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OSHO De-Hypnosis for Meditation

Wake up and lose the program


“Meditation is the opposite of hypnosis. It is de-hypnosis.”  Osho

We build an identity for ourselves by internalizing the values of the society we live in. Our beliefs and attitudes to life, to ourselves, and to others, remain largely unexamined and we act in robotic obedience to society’s demands – that is, until we de-hypnotize; until we escape from the trance.

“Man is already hypnotized. It is not a question now of being hypnotized or not hypnotized. You are already hypnotized. The whole process of society is a sort of hypnosis.”  Osho

DeHypnosis for Meditation uses the techniques of hypnosis to dismantle the prison of the unreal, so that relaxing into meditation becomes easier. All the old, life-negative, programs we have allowed to settle in our unconscious are brought into the light of awareness, where we can see clearly their unreality.


If you have had enough of living on a treadmill, running as fast as you can to stay in the same place, it’s time for the change of perspective that meditation can bring. Another kind of life is possible right now. You don’t have achieve anything first.

“There is no ecstasy greater than to be your original face.”  Osho


For many of us self improvement – how to become a better person – has become a major pre-occupation. But the truth is that without meditation we are simply “putting lipstick on a pig”. We follow the menus of self-help gurus and may even get a sense of satisfaction and progress for a while, but it’s ultimately futile. We need to unlearn, not to burden ourselves with more “shoulds” and “should nots”. We need deprogramming, not more programming, and meditation is the way.

“So the problem is not how to have a strong character, the problem is not how to attain no-anger, how not to be disturbed – no, that is not the problem. The problem is how to change your consciousness from the periphery to the center. Suddenly you see that you have always been calm and then you can look at the periphery from a distance, and the distance is so vast, infinite, that you can watch as if it is not happening to you. In fact, it never happens to you. Even when you are completely lost in it, it never happens to you: something in you remains undisturbed, something in you remains beyond, something in you remains a witness.”  Osho

You will learn through experience:

  • How to use the process of self-hypnosis to gently dismantle the false you that is keeping your life small and uninspired
  • How meditation can give you a safe foothold in your inner being to support a gentle and easy return to your authentic self.


  • A live online session of 60 minutes
  • Techniques that you can take with you into your daily life to help you stay present and aware

“What is your imprisonment? Your mind is your prison. There are different prisons, but they are all prisons… they differ only in their architecture… And people move from one prison to another prison in the hope that perhaps they will find freedom… From one program they move to another program, and what is needed is a deprogramming. That’s what, in scientific terms, is the meaning of the word meditation – deprogramming.”  Osho


60 Minutes
€80 EUR / hour



English, German

Aditi has been with Osho for many years and is a qualified psychologist and experienced psychotherapist, trained in Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and the OSHO Meditative Therapies.

She has been giving individual sessions and courses both in her private practice for many years and is constantly bringing her love for meditation into her work with people.

Dedicated to Osho and his vision Aditi is also taking care of the website osho.com and its translators around the world.

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Amrito MD is an English- and US-trained physician who specialized originally in internal medicine before studying meditation as a basis for exploring holistic approaches to wellbeing.

He was Osho’s personal physician, taking care of his body for many years including the final days.

As a meditator and a scientist for many decades, Amrito has enjoyed following and writing about the increasing acceptance of meditation by the scientific community and the general public.

He currently gives courses and sessions on OSHO Meditations and OSHO DeHypnosis for Meditation on OSHO International Online.

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