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OSHO Emotional Freedom and Stress Release

Defusing the powder keg of repressed emotion.


“…to repress the negative is dangerous; it is poisonous, it is poisoning your system.”  Osho

Emotional Freedom and Stress Release works with repressed emotions, exploring how they hold us back from creativity, love, and happiness. We use emotional release techniques with deep understanding and respect, so that your heart can be unburdened, bringing you new energy and the strength to live and love totally.

“We are just a heap of repressions. Those repressions are always there working in the unconscious, constantly disturbing you, poisoning you. Unless they are released you cannot feel at ease with yourself. And if you cannot feel at ease with yourself, how can you feel at ease with the universe? If you cannot feel at home with yourself, how can you feel at home with the universe?”  Osho


“You have not been in contact with yourself for so long, for many lives. You are alienated from yourself; you have become a stranger to yourself because of this repressive attitude. We go on repressing everything. You have not screamed, laughed, you have not cried, you have not done anything authentically, deeply, in which your totality is involved.”  Osho

Are you ready to take the leap into freedom? Life is very different when your heart and mind are free of the burden of repressed emotion, when you can simply relax and allow your natural spontaneity. The world becomes a friendlier place when we relax – relaxation, friendliness, openness are all contagious; so somehow those around you become a lot more relaxed too!


“… in control you repress, in transformation you express. But there is no need to express on somebody else because the “somebody else” is just irrelevant.”  Osho

  • You will learn ways of safely releasing repressed emotions and becoming less reactive to outside events.
  • You will begin to understand the power of tuning in to the body in the present moment and releasing tension at the physical level.
  • You will see the importance of acknowledging your feelings, allowing them to arise with acceptance and understanding.
  • You will experience the freedom that comes when you stop making others responsible for your feelings – when you move beyond the blame game.
  • This is an opportunity to experience the witnessing consciousness – that place of stability and safety that lies beyond thoughts and emotions. The place of freedom.


  • A live online session of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes with a certified facilitator with extensive experience in meditation.
  • Emotional release techniques that you can use in your everyday life.
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey.

“There is no need to throw it on anybody. You can go to your bathroom; you can go on a long walk – it means that something is inside that needs fast activity so that it is released. Just do a little jogging and you will feel it is released or take a pillow and beat it; fight and bite the pillow until your hands and teeth are relaxed. Within a five-minute catharsis you will feel unburdened, and once you know this you will never throw it on anybody, because that is absolutely foolish.”  Osho


30/60/90/120 Minutes
€40 EUR / 30 minutes



English, Hindi

Sindhu commenced her spiritual journey in 1995. At the age of 25, married to a loving husband, with two beautiful kids, all the material comforts, and a “perfect life,” she realized something was amiss.

In 1998, a friend gifted her a book, “The Path of Meditation” by Osho. After reading and listening to more Osho she soon decided to visit OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune to take sannyas. This was a defining moment in her life and the beginning of a new phase.

For the next few years Sindhu participated in OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO Meditative Therapies at OIMR. In 2003, Sindhu met Osho’s personal dentist, Devageet who introduced her to OSHO Transomatic Dialogue Therapy, a profound method of healing and transformation. This was followed by OSHO Akashic sessions which led to a quantum leap in her personal growth.

She is deeply passionate about all things Osho and has been practicing and sharing them, alongside OSHO Meditative Therapies for the last 16 years.

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Veet Mano

Veet Mano


Veet Mano first came to Osho in 1978 and since then has been fully immersed in the OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO courses. He now shares the meditations and courses around the world through his OSHO Institute for Emotional Balance and Meditation.

Veet Mano especially loves work connected with the emotions – he sees it as a delicate step by step process which can unlock hidden love, playfulness and other energies in a person’s heart.

Based on his experience with many kinds of emotional therapy work and Osho meditations, Veet Mano has developed a series of OSHO Emotional Freedom courses and individual sessions. These support people to become free from repressed emotions and different kinds of active and frozen traumas, and to find space for more love and harmony. The courses and individual work which he offers support participants to develop themselves, while also serving as a bridge to meditation.

Veet Mano has many years of experience sharing the OSHO Meditative Therapies: OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Born Again and OSHO Mystic Rose. He also facilitates the OSHO Active Meditations: In-Depth and OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training and is a trainer for OSHO Mystic Rose.

He has completed the following trainings: OSHO Therapist Training, OSHO Breath Training, OSHO Pulsation Training and OSHO Core Integration Training for Work with Deep Spinal Tissue.

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