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OSHO Opening and Exploring Your Creativity

Coming alive, reclaiming your creativity


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60, 90 or 120 minutes

“If your act is your love-affair, then it becomes creative. Small things become great by the touch of love and delight.”  Osho

Much of our play as children involves creativity purely for its own sake, but by the time we are teenagers these pastimes have often been discarded as childish. We are focused more on activities that allow for the competition that is so much part of the society we live in, and on the skills considered necessary for earning a living.

We become dependent on feedback from others to give value to our activities – even those activities we enjoyed so simply and directly as children. As a result of this, we lose access to our natural creativity – to the state of spontaneous meditation from where our creative energies flow.

“You become more divine as you become more creative.”  Osho

In this session we use painting, acting, music, poetry – whatever arises out of the moment to consciously connect with our authentic, creative source. We explore what our nature is longing for – playful creativity.

By working with obstacles and potentialities in easy, playful ways, we expand the space where anything is possible and learn how to open ourselves to the heart, to intuition, self-love, and spontaneity.

A meditative space in which structure and a sense of the product can be dropped allowing the joy of creation to flower.

Experience the power of creativity to transform the ordinary into the marvelous and take this with you into your daily life.

“Be in deep love, so much so that you completely disappear in your love, that you become a pure creative energy. To me creativity is prayer, creativity is meditation, creativity is life.”

“Creative energy has to come from meditation, because meditation has no other purpose. And meditation is vast, its resources are infinite. You can share in poetry, in music, in sculpture as much as you want, and fresh waters will run in.”  Osho


60/90/120 Minutes
€80 EUR / hour




Angela loves supporting men and women who are in the grip of a toxic relationship to unravel those self-torturing voices in your head and uncover what is really going on beneath the surface so that you can know what is right for you and have a clear path towards healing your relationship and your heart.

Having resolved deep trauma from early childhood that once thwarted her relationships, Angela knows exactly how it is to feel hurt, frustrated and like a failure when it comes to building joyful and supportive relationships both at home and with a partner.

Using Osho’s approach to therapy, together in these sessions we will find the root cause of your suffering so that you can stop feeling paralyzed by conflicting emotions that keep you tossing and turning at night searching for answers. And you’ll be able to stop jumping down people’s necks or perhaps freezing on the spot when someone attacks you or violates your boundaries. And instead, you’ll be able to respond from a place of power and presence that is full of love for yourself and also a deeper understanding for the other. Finally, you’ll know the true secret of how to create a loving relationship both with yourself and towards others.

Angela has over 20 years of experience in various approaches to therapy including, counseling, breath-work, energy-healing, primal therapy, family constellation and relationship dynamics to name a few so that each session is tailored exactly to your own personal needs.

She’s looking forward to meeting you and showing you this simple approach to resolving inner conflict and establishing healthy boundaries so that you feel more empowered and fully able to create the joyful relationships that you deserve.

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English, Chinese, Russian

Dhyan’s passion for authentic transformation has brought her deeply into different kinds of work in the world of Osho. An experienced meditator and facilitator, with more than 20 years experience, she has been trained in and facilitates all OSHO Meditative Therapies, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind, OSHO Transomatic Dialogue, OSHO Akashic Process, OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? as well as courses in creativity.

She also offers various individual sessions. Dhyan is originally from China, now based in Kiev, Ukraine, and travels the world to share her work. She is passionate about supporting people, deepening their meditation, and bringing meditative qualities into their daily life.

Her sharing is based, in part, on theories and systems but more importantly on her own experience which supports healing and transformation.

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