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OSHO Human Design

LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 minutes

“Express your uniqueness in whatsoever you do. Express your individuality. Let existence be proud of you.”  Osho

Learning to recognize the difference between our conditioned personality and the responses that arise from our unique individuality, is the path to freedom. We learn to trust who we are and relax into our being, knowing that our actions and decisions best serve the needs and desires of our soul.

“Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. When this dawns in your consciousness, suddenly you are together, all fragments have disappeared into one unity. You are crystallized, you are centered.”  Osho

Give up second guessing yourself – enjoy the freedom of allowing the spontaneous flow of your unique being.

Working with your individual Human Design Chart we will look at:

  • How your auric field influences and is influenced by that of others
  • Listening to the body rather than to the conditioned mind when making decisions
  • How to recognize when you are off track and what to do about it
  • Your particular way of filtering information from reality and how to work with that
  • Relaxing into who you are
  • How the Human Design system can help integrate meditation into everyday life

“Personality is a farce, personality is pseudo, personality is that which is given to you by the society. Personality is imposed on you from the outside; it is a mask. Individuality is your very being. Individuality is that which you bring into the world, individuality is God’s gift.”

“Individuality gives you mastery; it makes you very authentic, grounded, rooted. It gives you substance; you are no longer dream stuff. It gives you solidity, it gives you clarity, transparency, vision. It makes you aware of the beauty of existence, it makes you aware of the beauty of all.”  Osho


60 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour




Suheiwa discovered in 1999 Osho’s books which inspired him to travel to Pune, India where he started exploring Osho meditations and himself. With his ongoing meditation practice, he translates Osho’s teachings into his OSHO Human Design readings and points his clients to a wide range of Osho meditation techniques and insights, always supporting the journey in.

Suheiwa has been studying Human Design since 2013 and was certified as a practitioner in 2016. He uses OSHO Human Design in his everyday life for his own personal growth, business and relating, and loves to share OSHO Human Design with others to support them in discovering new ways of living.

He facilitates monthly meditations in Maui Hawaii and with a long-time interest in the metaphysical and healing properties of gemstones he has been designing and creating jewelry for over 12 years using OSHO Human Design and gems as a bridge for people to discover their own inner map.

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