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OSHO Men's Issues

The natural spontaneous man, the man of freedom – you can be that.


Men’s role in society is changing rapidly and the question How to be a man? no longer has any widely accepted answers. This can serve to undermine our already wavering self-confidence, causing confusion and frustration, or we can take the opportunity to reconnect with our uniquely individual expression of masculinity. When the rules are in flux, freedom slips in through the gaps.

Feeling confused and frustrated? You are not alone. Men all over the world are reaching breaking point under the burden of contradictory demands and expectations. This is deeply uncomfortable for men and can be frightening for women. The resulting gender wars do nothing to solve the underlying problem, which is that we live in a society that is disconnected from reality and our lives are unbalanced as a result.

Contrary to what your politicians and priests say, life is meant to be easy – and if yours is difficult, know that it is in your hands to fix it.

“If you want not to be frustrated, drop hope: then there will be no frustration. And if you want to really grow, never repress. Enjoy energy. Life is an energy phenomenon. Enjoy energy – dance, sing, swim, run – let energy stream all over you, let energy spread all over you. Let it be a flow. Once you are in a flow, flowering becomes very easy.” Osho

You are not here to compete for power, prestige, and possessions. You are here to manifest your own unique individuality and to participate fully and creatively in life.

Leave the past behind and move in life free, whole and authentic — simply be yourself, to throw off the burden of expectations and habits, to live joyfully and spontaneously – this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to the world.

This is a session for men, to explore any issues in your life, and to look at them from a totally different perspective; to create an opportunity for new possibilities and to empower your own unique expression of masculinity.

“Society does not want you to go in. Society wants you to go out – the farther out from your center, the better, because the farther out you are the more useful you are to the society: you can be used as a means. Society cannot use a person who is standing at his center. He is beyond society’s grasp.”  Osho

Are there areas of your life where you feel irretrievably stuck in compromise? Areas where habits dominate? This session will help you to see these issues from the perspective of meditation, to move into a space of detached clarity and to get a clear perspective on any habits and issues you may wish to address. This is being centered in your own being and is the place of power, the place of integrity.

Issues you may want to look at:

• Personal power
• Real leadership
• Being a father
• Earning a living
• Keeping centered in a crisis
• Handling change
• Embracing risk
• Allowing vulnerability
• Making friends with women

When we look at an issue from the space of meditation, a gap occurs and a sense of no longer being entangled with the problem arises – disidentification happens, you move beyond the ego. This brings clarity of vision and problems dissolve, leaving room for fresh insights and creative options to emerge.

Learn to keep your energy free and flowing in your everyday life, relaxed in the certainty that the universe has your back.

“The mind as an ego is the problem. The mind without any ego is the solution… The other way to say it – that is the Zen way – is that the mind is the problem and no-mind is the solution. No-mind is simply another way of saying the cosmic mind, the universal mind. The “no” denies the ego not the mind, remember. The “no” denies the personal not the universal. The “no” simply denies all limitations and helps you to become as infinite as you really are.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour



English, German

Nadeen is the director of the Osho Institute for Meditative Living and has worked as an Osho session giver and facilitator for over 30 years. He trained to facilitate OSHO Active Meditations as well as the OSHO Meditative Therapies: OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO No-Mind and OSHO Born Again.

He is also certified in Hypnosis (Childhood Liberation, Reliving Past Lives), Breath work, Family Constellation, Esoteric Sciences (OSHO Prana Healing, Energy Reading, Reiki Master, Subtle Body Healing), Kinesiology, OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? and various bodywork techniques.

40 years ago, Nadeen started his own international business which he continues running successfully to this day. Through his experience in the inner world as well as in the marketplace he developed a deep understanding and passion for supporting people to connect with their hearts and to bring awareness and meditation into their personal and professional lives.

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Nidal M.D.

Nidal M.D.

English, German

Nidal MD is an experienced and passionate facilitator in both OSHO DeHypnosis and OSHO Meditations, which he uses to support people in their inner growth.

Originally a medical doctor, he started using medical hypnosis in his work. Later, after getting in contact with Osho’s work, meditation entered into his understanding of the power of the subconscious which is when meditation became the source of his whole work with individuals.

Based on this understanding and on his personal meditation experience he created his own way of working with people: “OSHO DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom”, an individually tailored process which includes specific hypnosis techniques combined with meditation.

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Raj was a practicing lawyer when he came across an Osho book and then, soon after his first Osho Dynamic Meditation, he quit his law practice and has been with Osho ever since.

He is trained as an Osho Therapist and has facilitated and facilitates courses and sessions ranging from OSHO Primal Therapy, to OSHO Astrology, OSHO Tai Chi, OSHO Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?

He gives online individual sessions and classes.

He is a committed meditator and it is meditation that forms the underlying basis of all of his work.

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English, Italian

Sambhavo is a therapist from Italy with a master’s degree and a PhD in clinical psychology. He was a lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of Florence from 1994 to 2000.

His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to oriental philosophy, meditation, and psychology from a young age.

He has traveled all over the world to be trained in the most effective therapies available, including Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, body-oriented Trauma Therapy and Psychodynamic.

Over the past decades he has offered regular one to one therapy sessions and courses such as OSHO Opening to Self-Love, OSHO Inner Judge, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, OSHO Tantra, AFH – The OSHO Freedom Process and the Path of Love.

His longing for truth never subsides; he constantly searches, explores, and works on himself, experiencing new methods, approaches, and self-development processes.

As a professional therapist, he is a member of A.P.A. American Psychological Association, the E.F.P.A. European Federation Psychologists Associations, and the I.T.A. International Transpersonal Association.

Perhaps more important than all of his experience and background, Sambhavo is an Osho therapist with the understanding that the ultimate healing for clients is in the silence of the heart.

He currently offers meditations, sessions for both singles and couples, and courses in English, Italian and Spanish.

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