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OSHO Women's Issues

Understand and harness the power of the feminine qualities

Free yourself, free your world.


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 or 90 minutes

“The society is made by men. Women are living in a society which is not made for them, not made by them; it has not considered them at all.”  Osho

The centuries long exclusion of women from positions of power and influence has resulted in a society that is out of balance – competition is valued over co-operation and greed and the will to power dominate our lives.

As women, we can focus on developing our masculine side in order to survive; but if we don’t also find ways of manifesting the essentially feminine characteristics of sensitivity, playfulness, cooperation and empathy in our lives, we will lose touch with something precious and irreplaceable, and our society will remain as unbalanced as ever.

A Women’s Issues session will allow you to explore the ways in which your value as a woman has been undermined by your conditioning and to see that fulfilment doesn’t lie in winning any competition but in allowing the full power of your feminine energy to transform your world.


Do any of the following apply to your life?

  • I have difficulty setting boundaries and often find myself letting others invade my personal space.
  • I dislike confrontation and tolerate the intolerable until I explode – then I feel guilty.
  • Being needed and taking care of others is my main way of feeling powerful.
  • I find myself getting jealous and possessive for no reason.
  • I am self-critical and frequently undermine my own self worth.
  • I have difficulty completing creative projects because I get sidetracked by the demands of others.
  • I have trouble saying No.
  • I am not very good at receiving – it makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I get stuck in unhealthy relationships because I am afraid of being alone.
  • I am very concerned with my appearance and feel validated by being desired.


  • You will learn techniques that will help you to remain in touch with the power of your feminine energies even in challenging situations.
  • You will learn from experience the feeling of empowerment that comes with authenticity.
  • You will gain perspective on the outmoded ways of thinking and patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck.
  • You will experience the genderless perspective of who you are that is your inner witness.
  • You will recognise the futility of seeing life in terms of competition.
  • You will experience how your male and female energies can merge naturally and spontaneously in the dance of your unique individuality.
  • Learning to remain in the space of witnessing that transcends all identification allows us to respond with light-hearted clarity and spontaneity to whatever challenges arise. Our responses to life’s challenges become more appropriate and more effective.

“Souls are not male or female, and the same method will lead man to his inner self, and the same method will lead the woman to her inner self. There is no question at all…because the whole thing is of witnessing. What you are witnessing is not in question – whether you are witnessing a female body or a male body, a female mind or a male mind, is just out of the question; the emphasis is on witnessing – and witnessing has no gender.”  Osho


  • A live online session of 60 or 90 minutes
  • Techniques for remembering who you are that fit your individual situation.

“It has not to be decided by fighting, it has to be decided by understanding. Spread more and more understanding. Drop these ideas of being men and women! We are all human beings. To be a man or a woman is just a very superficial thing. Don’t make much fuss about it, it is not anything very important; don’t make it a big deal.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour




Angela loves supporting men and women who are in the grip of a toxic relationship to unravel those self-torturing voices in your head and uncover what is really going on beneath the surface so that you can know what is right for you and have a clear path towards healing your relationship and your heart.

Having resolved deep trauma from early childhood that once thwarted her relationships, Angela knows exactly how it is to feel hurt, frustrated and like a failure when it comes to building joyful and supportive relationships both at home and with a partner.

Using Osho’s approach to therapy, together in these sessions we will find the root cause of your suffering so that you can stop feeling paralyzed by conflicting emotions that keep you tossing and turning at night searching for answers. And you’ll be able to stop jumping down people’s necks or perhaps freezing on the spot when someone attacks you or violates your boundaries. And instead, you’ll be able to respond from a place of power and presence that is full of love for yourself and also a deeper understanding for the other. Finally, you’ll know the true secret of how to create a loving relationship both with yourself and towards others.

Angela has over 20 years of experience in various approaches to therapy including, counseling, breath-work, energy-healing, primal therapy, family constellation and relationship dynamics to name a few so that each session is tailored exactly to your own personal needs.

She’s looking forward to meeting you and showing you this simple approach to resolving inner conflict and establishing healthy boundaries so that you feel more empowered and fully able to create the joyful relationships that you deserve.

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English, Dutch

Garimo is a long-time facilitator and trainer for OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind. She is trained in hypnosis and is a long-time meditator, with a deep understanding of this process.

Garimo was also closely involved with the development of the OSHO Active Meditations: In-Depth course and OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training and coordinates its team of over 30 international facilitators. She additionally facilitates the OSHO Inner Skills courses and gives individual counseling sessions in the fields of meditation and life issues.

Non-judgment, clarity, attention, caring, humor and playfulness, are some of the key factors she brings to her work.

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English, Japanese

Khalwati being from Nagasaki Japan, she passionately searched for peace, in her role as Civil Peace Ambassador, where she was deeply involved in the Japanese “Never Again Campaign”.–
However, her search for peace, outside, took a 180° turn when visiting the OSHO International Meditation Resort for the first time in 2003, where she immersed herself in meditation and what became a passionate search within.

Over the last 10 years, Khalwati has been continuously involved in the work of Osho sharing her energy for meditation and music in the latter singing and playing the piano are her favorites.

Her expertise and experience, in a variety of self-explorative, self-healing techniques, counseling classes and courses, find their expression within individual sessions and courses.

• Further certifications and trainings:

-Star Sapphire & Psychic Massage

-Reiki Teacher


-Body Bliss

-OSHO Zen Tarot Reading

• Multiversity certifications:

– OSHO Born Again

– OSHO No-Mind

– OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind

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English, Portuguese

Kimaya is a holistic therapist, facilitator and trainer in the field of bodymind, energy work and meditation with more than 25 years of experience.

She offers OSHO Tantric Meditation Retreats, OSHO Hara Awareness, OSHO Holistic Bodywork, OSHO Trauma Healing and her OSHO Tantra for Women Series, around the world.

Though focused on love and awareness, Kimaya has a unique approach based on body-oriented therapy, subtle energy work and above all, meditation.

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