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This is where you can browse and book Sessions, Classes and join Meditation Days, Free Tasters and Courses in 2021. We use the Zoom platform to connect you with independent approved facilitators from all over the world. If you don’t have an account we will create one for you automatically. All times shown are local to you. If this is your first visit you can also browse to see everything on offer. The first time you want to book you will need to register (even if you have an osho.com account).  Returning visitors please use Client Login. Once registered and logged in you can see everything you have booked at My Bookings. There is a private area for Facilitators with links at the bottom of this page.

BETA: We are testing Russian translation. More languages to follow. While testing it may not always be available. If you see a flag link you can switch. Disclaimer: Translation is automatic so may not be accurate. English version takes precedent.

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                 OSHO Talking to your BodyMind Course & Facilitating Starts 24th Feb

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COVID-19: We have created this online platform so that you can meditate at home while being with others around the world. We care about your safety and support and encourage social distancing, which means do not meditate in the same physical space as others unless they are a part of your ‘bubble’ – i.e. you are isolating together. Whatever the local regulations say, the virus is not listening! Be smart, stay safe.

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