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Here you will find a complete list of the OSHO International Online facilitators and therapists. You can also access their biography by typing a name into the search bar on any page.


Aditi has been with Osho for many years and is a qualified psychologist and experienced psychotherapist, trained in Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and the OSHO Meditative Therapies. She has been giving individual sessions and courses for many years and is constantly bringing her love for meditation into her work with people. Dedicated to Osho and his vision Aditi is also taking care of the website osho.com and its translators around the world.

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Amrito MD is an English- and US-trained physician who specializes originally in internal medicine before studying meditation as a basis for exploring holistic approaches to wellbeing. He was Osho’s personal physician, taking care of his body for many years including the final days. As a meditator and a scientist for many decades, Amrito has enjoyed following and writing about the increasing acceptance of meditation by the scientific community and the general public. He currently gives courses and sessions on OSHO Meditations and OSHO De-Hypnosis for Meditation on OSHO International Online.

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Aneesha is a certified and registered Holistic Counselor, with training in the OSHO Meditative Therapies, Person-centered Therapy, Art Therapy, BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Therapy, Body Oriented Trauma Work, Stress Biology, Stress Management, Couples and Relationship Counseling, Emotional Release Therapy, Belief Management, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Aneesha has 21 years of meditation experience and practice in mindfulness as well as self-inquiry and therapy under her belt, and her work is based on her own inner healing and personal development and her time with Osho. 

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Anekant is a fully trained N.L.P. trainer and hypnotherapist, he considers though the 40 years of experience and a deep grounding in Osho meditations to be the underlying foundation of his work. Over the years he has broadened his range of therapeutic skills with continual training in many diverse therapeutic approaches. Individual sessions are his favored way of working. Individual sessions work for almost any difficulty that the client might be experiencing, for example: anxiety, phobias, insomnia, body issues, relationship troubles, trauma and much more. It is the client’s own wisdom that guides the process and yet the sessions are pragmatic and work towards a solution.

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Angela loves supporting men and women who are in the grip of a toxic relationship to unravel those self-torturing voices in your head and uncover what is really going on beneath the surface so that you can know what is right for you and have a clear path towards healing your relationship and your heart. — Having resolved deep trauma from early childhood that once thwarted her relationships, Angela knows exactly how it is to feel hurt, frustrated and like a failure when it comes to building joyful and supportive relationships both at home and with a partner. — Using Osho’s approach to therapy, together in these sessions we will find the root cause of your suffering so that you can stop feeling paralyzed by conflicting emotions that keep you tossing and turning at night searching for answers. 

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Anil has extensive experience in leading personal development workshops and trainings worldwide. With his entrepreneurial experience and trainings in OSHO Active Meditations, clinical hypnosis, breathe and body traumas, he supports entrepreneurs, leaders, seekers, parents and children with transformative breakthroughs and meditation. His innovative and inspiring style is characterized by his 25 years experience, enthusiasm, passion, playfulness, and the visible love for the work he does. He infuses his unique approach to meditation for achieving stress-free success, bridging meditation with the marketplace, health, wellness, and life-issues.

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Asmita MD was born in Bogota, Colombia and worked as MD Pediatrician for ten years before she arrived at OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India in October 1996 where she discovered meditation and new ways of seeing life. From 2000, she participated and trained in the OSHO Meditative Therapies. She facilitates and trains these precious processes many times a year. She has also been trained in OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation, Aura-Soma, Cranio Sacral Biodynamics, Pre and Perinatal Therapy, Japanese Facial Massage, and OSHO Opening to The Heart course. She is also a certified OSHO Reiki Master.

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Bela knew she wanted to become a primal therapist after completing her own primal process in the early 90s. After coming into contact with Osho she also knew she wanted to learn, understand, and implement Osho’s vision in her work, which is ongoing. She has been deeply moved and touched by sharing primal work, experiencing this as her biggest passion, and it also supports her never-ending curiosity to understand how conditioning colors human behavior. Her professional and skilled approach is grounded in her own growth process and meditation. The courses and sessions she facilitates are known for their depth and clarity, a place where people can feel free to be seen as they truly are. Bela has been contributing to Osho’s work since 2001.

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Darshan went through a long healing process after a serious illness in 1998. As a result, she decided to end her career as a Professor of Roman Philology and as Head of Informatic, Linguistic and Cultural policies, in an intergovernmental organization in Paris. She chose instead to develop and share her skills in body mind spirit healing.Trained by Bert Hellinger in Hellinger® Scientia from 2008 until his death in 2019 she has been an All-Issues Constellator for over twenty years working with: health, relationships, wealth, inner child, to name but a few. Darshan studied Psychoanalysis in the Lisbon University and the Sorbonne and is Master’s of various different energy healing methods, including the original Reiki from Japan.

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Devendra Singh Dewal is a Facilitator, Trainer and Coach in the areas of Meditation and Mindfulness, Stress Management, Emotional Wellness, Communication, Counseling, and other skills for conscious living, with more than 40 years of experience. Devendra travels around the world to share his work which comes out of his own experience of meditation, living with awareness and the professional skills and training that he has learned over decades which allows him to communicate and teach both the understanding and the methods. He has been connected to Osho for more than 40 years which includes his work in publishing Osho’s books and audio-videos. In addition to his courses and sessions, he is a public speaker, giving talks on meditation in India, China, Malaysia and other countries. He has been recognized with awards for his work including “Master of Wisdom” by Media Trust of India and has given many talks and interviews on TV.

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Dhyan, an experienced meditator and facilitator with more than 20 years experience, has been trained in and facilitates all OSHO Meditative Therapies, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind, Transomatic Dialogue, Akashic Process, OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? and Creativity courses. She also offers various sessions: Akashic Process, OSHO Counseling, OSHO Inner Centering, OSHO Opening and Exploring your Creativity, Transomatic Dialogue. Dhyan is originally from China and now based in Kiev, Ukraine and travels the world to share her work.

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Dhyani studied Psychology and numerous humanistic approaches to heal and to investigate herself and others before she met Osho in 1987. Since that meeting, she immersed herself fully in Osho’s work. In 2008 she studied Somatic Experiencing, and continues to work with this method in individual sessions as well as offering self-experimental courses where people can learn about the nervous system and how to self-regulate, resource, and heal past traumas. Her deep insight into the nature of self and existence combined with her profound understanding and experience working with people, can create an opening to understanding one’s relationship with life and death.

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Garimo is a long-time facilitator and trainer for OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind. She is trained in hypnosis and is a long-time meditator, with a deep understanding of this process. Garimo was also closely involved with the development of the OSHO Meditation: In-Depth and Facilitating courses and coordinates its team of over 30 international facilitators. She additionally facilitates the OSHO Inner Skills courses and gives individual counseling sessions in the fields of meditation and life issues. Non-judgment, clarity, attention, caring, humor and playfulness, are some of the key factors she brings to her work.

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Being from Nagasaki Japan, Khalwati passionately searched for peace, in her role as Civil Peace Ambassador, where she was deeply involved in the Japanese “Never Again Campaign”. However, her search for peace, outside, took a 180° turn when visiting the OSHO International Meditation Resort for the first time in 2003, where she immersed herself in meditation and what became a passionate search within. Over the last 10 years, Khalwati has been continuously involved in the work of Osho sharing her energy for meditation and music in the latter singing and playing the piano are her favorites. Her expertise and experience, in a variety of self-explorative, self-healing techniques, counseling classes and courses, find their expression within individual sessions and courses.

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Kimaya is a holistic therapist, facilitator and trainer in the field of bodymind, energy work and meditation with more than 25 years of experience. She offers OSHO Tantric Meditation Retreats, OSHO Hara Awareness, OSHO Holistic Bodywork, OSHO Trauma Healing and her OSHO Tantra for Women Series, around the world. Though focused on love and awareness, Kimaya has a unique approach based on body-oriented therapy, subtle energy work and above all, meditation.

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Yoga, meditation and health permeate Lahma’s very being and everyday life. She studied psychology, hypnosis and various yoga styles and her unique approach is based on her years living, working and facilitating the Osho way around the world. She is an experienced, certified facilitator, and facilitator – trainer for OSHO Yoga, OSHO Active Meditations, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind and Body and OSHO Breath courses. 

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Maneesha’s sessions – on meditation, all life-related issues and those around dying – are based on her 47 years’ experience of meditation. In addition, she spent seven years in Osho’s evening meetings (“darshan”), observing and recording his conversations with seekers from all over the world. This unique opportunity provided her with a passion for experimenting with meditative techniques and an invaluable learning in responding to a vast range of issues from a meditative perspective. The experience of twenty-plus years as an international meditation-based course facilitator continues to broaden her understanding, love, and respect for those she works with.

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Modita MD has a deep love for family constellations. She continues to train almost daily, to go deeper and deeper into this work, that she experiences as tremendously healing from the level of the soul, going beyond the mind. She experiences the work as a meditation, as it is every moment tapping into the here and now. The background of her work is a deep gratitude, as family constellations have helped her to come out of both her depressions and eating disorders. Modita (1962) practiced as a medical doctor till 2012. As a doctor she was always interested in the causes of disease, and finally her interest was in what supports wellbeing (which is not necessarily related to sickness or physical health). She trained in Gestalt Therapy, Emotional Body Work, Breath Therapy, Zen Therapy, Body-Mind Language Therapy and Reiki.

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Nadeen is the director of the Osho Institute for Meditative Living and has worked as an Osho session giver and facilitator for over 30 years. He trained to facilitate OSHO Active Meditations as well as the OSHO Meditative Therapies: OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO No-Mind and OSHO Born Again. He is also certified in Hypnosis (Childhood Liberation, Reliving Past Lives), Breath work, Family Constellation, Esoteric Sciences (OSHO Prana Healing, Energy Reading, Reiki Master, Subtle Body Healing), Kinesiology, OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? and various bodywork techniques. 40 years ago, Nadeen started his own international business which he continues running successfully to this day. Through his experience in the inner world as well as in the marketplace he developed a deep understanding and passion for supporting people to connect with their hearts and to bring awareness and meditation into their personal and professional lives.

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Nidal MD is an experienced and passionate facilitator in both OSHO DeHypnosis and OSHO Meditations, which he uses to support people in their inner growth. Originally a medical doctor, he started using medical hypnosis in his work. Later, after getting in contact with Osho’s work, meditation entered into his understanding of the power of the subconscious which is when meditation became the source of his whole work with individuals. Based on this understanding and on his personal meditation experience he created his own way of working with people: “OSHO DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom”, an individually tailored process which includes specific hypnosis techniques combined with meditation.

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Oma was 23 years old when she fell in love with OSHO Active Meditations. At first, she went through a personal therapeutic process and later received trainings in those therapeutic skills that she is using today. Her interest is in learning the art of bringing awareness and meditativeness into daily life and into work situations. During her first training years, Oma focused on deepening her understanding of the connection between body and psyche. Her longing was to learn to touch someone not only by one’s hands with the physical body, but also meeting the Inner through heart and awareness. She experienced that when one allows oneself to deeply rest inside while interacting mentally or physically, the meeting of two beings can happen. In such a climate — while working with personal issues — love for one’s life and one’s truth is inspired and nourished.

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Rachana came to Osho in 1991. She is a constant student in dance, body-mind integration movement and dance therapy. She is an accomplished body worker who has trained in Feldenkrais, yoga, contact dance improvisation, expressive dance, and meditation all of which are integrated in her work. She has continued her education in Holistic and Intuitive Massage, OSHO Rebalancing, Shiatsu, Hawaiian Bodywork, Ayurveda, Water-Shiatsu and YOGA Somatics. She has been leading massage trainings, dance meditation seminars and retreats in various institutes and healing schools internationally for more than 25 years.The scope of her work combines coaching with integrative bodywork, Vinyasa Yoga, Somatic Movements and OSHO Meditations. Body awareness and a natural gift for holistic applications support her work both with individuals and in her seminar work.

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Radha is a Relationship Coach and Meditation Facilitator. At the core of her work is an understanding that all the struggles we experience in our relationships point to parts of ourselves which we perceive as deficient. These parts need to be seen, understood and loved. Once understanding happens, we stop relating from a sense of lack of and start relating from an overflow of love, joy, empathy, zest for life which makes it easy for us to connect with new people or to repair long-standing relationships. Radha guides people through this journey, situation by situation, but ultimately she knows from her own experience that it is meditation that does the healing for us. Meditation creates the inner atmosphere we need for the deeper truth of our relationships to be revealed to us. She is also a certified OSHO Active Meditations facilitator.

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Raj was a practicing lawyer when he came across an Osho book and then, soon after his first Osho Dynamic Meditation, he quit his law practice and has been with Osho ever since. He is trained as an Osho Therapist and has facilitated and facilitates courses and sessions ranging from OSHO Primal Therapy, to OSHO Astrology, OSHO Tai Chi, OSHO Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? He also gives online classes and individual sessions in OSHO Tai Chi and OSHO Chi Gong. He is a committed meditator and it is meditation that forms the underlying basis of all of his work.

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Richa graduated with an honors degree in Psychology, with Guidance and Counseling as her double majors. With a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, her passion has always been interacting and working with people and sharing her skills and life experience. She is one of the first Craniosacral Therapists in India and has been working in health and wellness for more than a decade. She is also a Hypnotherapist and a registered member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). Richa supports mental health and well-being in her clients through Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing, graduating from the first group of trained facilitators in India. Inspired by the quest for inner transformation and having grown up in the climate of meditation, Richa imbibes OSHO meditation and Osho insights in her work and in day-to-day life.

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Sadhana is born in India and has been facilitating OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditations for over two decades and has travelled in China, the UK, France, Portugal, Canada, and USA facilitating OSHO Meditations and courses. She has found the immediate effect of these therapies designed by Osho which are both simple and profound. The unique feature of OSHO Courses is cleansing and unburdening the past which makes people utterly relaxed and fresh. She has worked with hundreds of people from around the globe and found that these meditations are equally effective for all cultures and ages.

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Sambhavo is a therapist from Italy with a Master’s and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He was a researcher and lecturer in Psychology at the University of Florence from 1994 till 2000. His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to oriental philosophy, meditation, and psychology from a young age. He has travelled all over the world to be trained in the most effective therapies available including Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, body-oriented Trauma Therapy and Psychodynamic. Over the past decades he has offered regular one to one therapy sessions and courses such as OSHO Opening to Self Love, OSHO Inner Judge, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, OSHO Tantra, A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process and the Path of Love. His longing for truth never subsides; he constantly searches, explores, and works on himself, experiencing new methods, approaches, and self-development processes. As a professional therapist, he is a member of A.P.A. American Psychological Association, the E.F.P.A. European Federation Psychologists Associations, and the I.T.A. International Transpersonal Association. Perhaps more important than all of his experience and background, Sambhavo is an Osho therapist with the understanding that the ultimate healing for clients is in the silence of the heart.

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Satsavya has 35 years of experience with OSHO Active Meditations and is a certified facilitator for the OSHO Meditative Therapies. She also facilitates Mindfulness and Moving – Mentastics® and OSHO Begin with the Body courses. As a certified IAPCH hypnotist she will often employ hypnosis in her sessions, to support the Body/Mind healing process in replacing unwanted habits and patterns, and for deepening awareness. Certified in 2004, she leads a successful Trager® Practice in Holland that has been transforming and inspiring many towards a balanced and healthy life. Gifted with a holistic touch, joy, and love, she is here to listen to you, to support you and respect your unique way of coming home.

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Shunyo has been practicing OSHO Meditation Techniques for 45 years, during which time she has travelled extensively throughout the world conducting courses, trainings and meditation retreats. Shunyo’s training in meditation and awareness began whilst living for 14 years in close contact with Osho, as part of his personal staff. The sessions she offers are a support for people in their meditation and help to bring meditation into daily life with all of its challenges. Music and movement are an important part of Shunyo’s work, and this, coupled with her intuitive, heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence. Music by Veet Marco has been specifically created as a support in the meditations. Shunyo is the director of the OSHO Institute for Vipassana and Zazen. Her book, that Osho asked her to write, is translated in many languages – the English title is “My Diamond Days with Osho”. 

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Siddha was born in Japan and has been actively facilitating OSHO Meditative Therapies; OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Born Again and OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind in OSHO Centers around the world and online. The simplicity of the process and the freshness it brings to the participants amazes her every time when she shares it. She says she’s delighted to share Osho’s jewels in the Cyber Buddha Field and is amazed at how these processes can work on individuals online. Siddha also facilitates OSHO Emotional Freedom and Stress Release sessions.

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Sindhu commenced her spiritual journey in 1995. At the age of 25, married to a loving husband, with two beautiful kids, all the material comforts, and a “perfect life,” she realized something was amiss. In 1998, a friend gifted her a book, “The Path of Meditation” by Osho. After reading and listening to more Osho she soon decided to visit OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune to take sannyas. This was a defining moment in her life and the beginning of a new phase. For the next few years Sindhu participated in OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO Meditative Therapies at OIMR. In 2003, Sindhu met Osho’s personal dentist, Devageet who introduced her to OSHO Transomatic Dialogue Therapy, a profound method of healing and transformation. TSDT followed by OSHO Akashic sessions led to a quantum leap in her personal growth. She is deeply passionate about all things Osho and has been practicing and sharing them.

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In 2005 Sneha realized it was time to discover more about herself and, as she was living in Mexico, her first explorations were heavily influenced by the Shamanic traditions of that country. By 2007 her interest had become focused on the issues surrounding femininity and the role of women in the world today. In 2010, she found herself in India doing the Work as Meditation Program at the OSHO International Meditation Resort – and during that time her understanding of the power of meditation to transform continued to deepen. Since 2011, India has become her main base and she is currently facilitating a variety of courses including OSHO Meditative Therapies, OSHO Active Meditations, women’s circles in several places in Mexico and Bali, both in English and Spanish.

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Sudheer has been a meditator for 46 years and it shows! At the age of 70 he could pass for 50 and has a gentleness that makes him very relaxing to be around. His first experience of OSHO Dynamic Meditation, at the age of 24, took him to “the space he was searching for” and he has experimented with all the OSHO meditations and many meditations from The Book of Secrets since. As a teenager Sudheer was fascinated by the big questions: What is life? What is death? – his favorite book was The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a kind of guide book for the afterlife. After studying philosophy for a while, he realized that what he was seeking was not to be found in words, so he moved into working closely with people, training as a general and psychiatric nurse.

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Suheiwa discovered in 1999 Osho’s books which inspired him to travel to Pune, India where he started exploring Osho meditations and himself. With his ongoing meditation practice, he translates Osho’s teachings into his OSHO Human Design readings and points his clients to a wide range of Osho meditation techniques and insights, always supporting the journey in. Suheiwa has been studying Human Design since 2013 and was certified as a practitioner in 2016. He uses OSHO Human Design in his everyday life for his own personal growth, business and relating, and loves to share OSHO Human Design with others to support them in discovering new ways of living.

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Turiya is an experienced BodyMind Trainer, Feldenkrais Practitioner, OSHO Meditation Facilitator and published author who has been working in the field of bodymind integration and meditation for 25 years. Turiya has always been interested in “how one can make oneself feel at home in the body and good in one’s own skin.” This curiosity has been present throughout her life and is reflected in the body awareness and meditation-based work – called “BodyWareness” which she developed over the years. In a straight-forward, yet heartwarming way, Turiya works with people to address health problems, injuries, or major stress. No matter which issues they are dealing with, be it pain, exhaustion, mental overload, sleeplessness, anxiety, migraines, burn-out or lack of fulfilment, she encourages them to find their own way through the situation using the body’s perception as a guide.

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Vatayana is a qualified remedial educator from Germany and a longtime facilitator and trainer for those working with the OSHO Meditations, the OSHO Meditative Therapies, and the OSHO Zen Tarot. Passionately deepening and exploring these techniques for herself and others in an ongoing practice, she gives courses at OSHO International Online, as well as in Osho centers and Osho festivals around the world. It is her voice that is on the German app OSHO Talking to Your BodyMind.

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Vayu brings a strong background of meditation and introspection to her work as an astrologer. She has been supporting people to recognize their essential nature for the past 25 years with her chart readings which have a strong focus on the “Dark Moon”. She credits Peter Delahay (Netherlands) for a large part of her astrological focus. She is also a trained social worker and budget coach. For Vayu, astrology is a method that can support the search in life. Her consultations give a broader picture of the influences in your life and how best to move forward. She has experience working with adult, adolescent, and children’s horoscopes.

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Veet Mano first came to Osho in 1978. Since that time he has fully immersed himself in Osho’s work, practicing OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO courses which he offers around the world under his OSHO Institute for Emotional Balance and Meditation. His many years of experience include: OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditation: In-Depth and Facilitating. He completed the following trainings: OSHO Therapist Training, OSHO Breath Training, OSHO Pulsation Training, OSHO Core Integration Training for Work with Deep Spinal Tissue. Based on his experience with many kinds of emotional therapy work and OSHO Meditations, he has developed a series of OSHO Emotional Freedom Courses and individual sessions to support people becoming free from repressed emotions, different kinds of active and frozen traumas and to find space for more love and harmony.

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