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Every month we have a regular program of OSHO Meditative Therapies. The start times rotate through four time zones to make the program accessible to everyone, no matter where you are in the world. Click on the titles below to see what is coming up.

OSHO Meditations  – Revolutionary Approaches for Contemporary People

First Sunday of each month. 

Osho represents a revolution in making meditation, mindfulness, awareness, consciousness… in fact the simple proposition of turning up for your own life, available for contemporary people.

The first steps in meditation are the OSHO Active Meditations and the OSHO Evening Meeting. Once we have discovered the “knack” of observing first the body and then the mind, with its thoughts and feelings, then we can take this with us into our daily lives. Then whatever is happening can be a meditative experience. You can sit silently or run silently, work silently or play silently, whether you are alone or with others.

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Osho’s understanding is that if modern people try to “sit silently” as is widely recommended, they will notice the madness within. His view is supported by many scientific studies confirming the ill-effects people have suffered by going on “silent retreats” and so on. Osho adds that if they don’t go crazy, it only because they are not doing the silent sitting with sufficient sincerity!

However, he points out, if we move our bodies “madly” – to express and release our accumulated stress and tensions – then we discover that the center is silent.


OSHO Active Meditations In-Depth

“Before you start doing a technique, be fully alert that you have understood it. Each technique is for bringing about a revolution in you. First try to understand the technique absolutely rightly.”  Osho

Your approach to meditation, and your understanding of the key points of each meditation, can make all the difference – in your experience and to the benefits you take away.

In this course we will put a lot of focus on the in-depth science and content of the OSHO meditations, and on the best way to get the most out of them. You will deepen your understanding of the meditations you already know and get to know others that you have not yet explored. The days are informative, experiential, and fun.


OSHO No-Mind

“No-mind simply allows you to be natural. It gives you an opportunity to be natural, to be relaxed, to be at ease – no guilt, no inhibition, no suppression. Nature is accepted in its totality, it becomes your very heart, your very being.”  Osho

OSHO No-Mind is a powerful Meditative therapy that Osho created. It consists of an hour of gibberish followed by an hour of sitting silently.

Gibberish is a cathartic technique which encourages expressive sounds and body movements. The more total you are the more effective it is. To speak gibberish means to speak in nonsense words, as Osho says “using any language that you don’t know.”

The mind thinks in terms of words. Gibberish helps to break this pattern of continual verbalization. It allows thoughts to be thrown out rather than repressed, leaving the mind empty and silent.

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Meditative Therapies are processes for freeing our energies, to renew vitality and to create space for silence. They work energetically, by-passing the conscious, analytical mind.  They are therefore clear, pure processes where we, as individuals, are connecting directly with our own energy, without any interference or intervention from a facilitator.


OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language

of Talking to Your BodyMind

“The body will never misguide you, you can trust it, and you can trust it absolutely. Anything that goes against the body is forced upon you by others. That is a good criterion to find out what has been forced on you. Whatever goes against the body is forced on you, it is foreign. You should throw it out.” Osho

Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind is a guided one-week process, lasting a little over one hour per day. You can then, if you like, continue with the process on your own.

Whatever happens in the mind is reflected in the body – any conflict or anxiety, any conditioned body-negative attitude enters the body and causes energetic blocks and tensions there, which then appear as physical problems.

The symptoms and issues we are struggling with are usually held in place by unconscious, artificial mechanisms, learned for the best of reasons in our very early life and then forgotten. Instead of being our own best friend and trusting the innate wisdom of our body and mind, we have learned to become a “house divided against itself.”

You can use the process for specific issues, such as smoking, eating imbalances, insomnia, aches and pains, unhealthy behaviors – anything that needs to be brought back to its natural wholeness and balance.

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Our bodies are energy, our minds are energy, and our consciousness is energy. The only difference is of wavelength. If all these three energies function in harmony we are healthy and whole. But instead of being our own best friend and trusting the innate wisdom of our body mind, we are split. Habit mechanisms, learned as ways of coping with unnatural disciplines in early life create symptoms and issues we are struggling with today.

We have lost touch with our bodies and take them for granted until something goes wrong. Then we take them to a doctor, just as we take a car to the mechanic. We treat the symptoms, but while we may be able to force a symptom to disappear it will often pop up as something else because the root cause has not been addressed.

In a light trance, combining deep relaxation with alertness, you will be guided into redirecting the power of your unconscious mind and its self-healing energies. Bypassing the conscious mind means the process is simple and direct. You will effortlessly address the symptoms and issues that cause you pain and dis-ease allowing wholeness and balance to be restored.

By giving energy to the self-healing process, you will be more relaxed with your body and self-nurturing will start to happen naturally and spontaneously in you daily life.

“The body is the visible soul, and the soul is the invisible body.” Osho



OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

“The day you can hypnotize yourself is a great day; something valuable has been achieved. Then you can do miracles with it, upon yourself. You can change things that you have always been trying to change; but the more you try to change them, the more difficult it becomes.”  Osho

OSHO Self-Hypnosis is a 7-day guided trance process, lasting a little over one hour per day in which you will learn how to relax yourself into self-hypnosis. You will learn how to use the mind to harness the power of the unconscious and to enhance healing, increase creativity and bring a greater sense of relaxation and playfulness into your life.

Do you ever make a resolution to meditate more, then, looking back a few days later realize that it didn’t happen? Maybe you’ve even found some excuse not to meditate whenever the idea of meditation arose? Or, having forced yourself to sit silently, you found yourself feeling resentful and rebellious as you watched your mind go wandering off all over the place? And so, another resolution. Perhaps written into a schedule this time.

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Can resolutions help? Osho’s take on this is that resolutions are not the answer – that a resolution amounts to the ego picking a fight with the unconscious – a fight the ego is bound to lose.

What is a resolution? A resolution is struggle. A resolution is the ego.

“The unconscious never hears anything that the conscious is deciding, and the conscious cannot control the unconscious – the unconscious is so vast.”  Osho

Self-hypnosis is a way of bypassing the ego and our analytical thought processes and going to where the power to initiate change really lies – in the unconscious.

Over the 7 days of OSHO Self-Hypnosis and Meditation you will learn how to move easily into a hypnotic trance and how to use post-hypnotic suggestion to create change in your life.

Learn to use self-hypnosis to bypass the mind and move easily into a space where witnessing is possible, your meditation is deepened and becomes part of the flow of your daily life.




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