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The legal details are below. Please read them carefully. All our sessions, classes, and courses have one purpose and that is to support meditation. Your session, class, or course is personal and educational and is not therapy, treatment, medicine, or diagnosis.

Mindfulness is self-acceptance, understanding, awareness, witnessing. To make it more clear – in these meetings your Facilitator is not your doctor, therapist, or psychologist even if they have such qualifications. Your Facilitator is not there to ‘fix’ you or make you well.  If you have a medical or psychological condition, please speak to your health adviser.

Below are our standard terms & Conditions. Click the links to read our Cancellation Policy and our Privacy Policy.

Application and Agreement with Terms & Conditions

Application and Agreement

Osho International Online [O International Digital Media Limited, c/o oio@osho.net] (“OIO”) is presenting Courses (“The Course”) and (1) will conduct all necessary communications and process all bookings and payments, together with (2) an authorized Facilitator who will lead the Course. The term Course refers to all meetings conducted by OIO and includes individual sessions, classes, events, and Meditation Days offered from time to time. You understand that the course is conducted over the Internet using third party platforms such as but not limited to www.zoom.us. (“The Platform”). You understand that for your convenience you will be automatically registered onto the Platform and that you can cancel that registration with the Platform provider directly at any time.

References in this Agreement to OIO or “Facilitator” or to “we”, “our” or “us” in each case refers to OIO and/or the Facilitator. References to “you” or “your” are to you, the participant in the Course.

You wish to participate online in the Course. You understand and agree that the Course is personal and educational and is not therapy and you confirm that you have read the details of the Course available online at www.osho.com.

The making of this Application confirms your agreement with OIO, and acceptance of the provisions stated here and, in the Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”). You understand and agree that this Agreement, including T&Cs, becomes effective upon acceptance and acknowledgment by OIO of my application and payment.

You understand and confirm this Agreement, including the T&Cs below, constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between OIO and you.

The fee for the Course is  payable upon my acceptance in the Course.

If, due to your health, you have any concerns about the suitability of your participation, please consult your physician or doctor before submitting this Application and Agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following these Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”). They form part of this agreement which you enter into with OIO.

This Agreement and these T&Cs are the exclusive basis for the contract between you and us. No other terms or conditions (whenever and however communicated), nor any amendment or addition to these T&Cs, will apply unless agreed to by OIO in writing.

If you have any questions before agreeing to this Agreement including these T&Cs, please contact OIO. We will always discuss and address any concerns you may have. By submitting this Application and Agreement, you are confirming that you have read and agree to this Course Application and Agreement including these T&Cs.

Intellectual Property Ownership. You agree and acknowledge that Osho International Foundation, a Swiss foundation, (“OIF”) is the sole and exclusive owner of all Intellectual Property (“IP”) related to Osho’s name and works, including but not limited to the copyrights of all the works of Osho, specific meditations, meditative therapies and growth programs, and all related material and processes, the trademark OSHO and the related family of OSHO-formative marks, as well as logos and designs. Confidentiality and Limitation on Use. You understand and agree that the Course is a private and personal experience for each participant. As such, you agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants and their remarks and actions; you agree to keep all such information private and confidential.

No Duplication or Sale of Course Materials. You are not permitted to duplicate, resell, modify, repackage, rename, or resell the materials. The materials or any part of them are not to be used in connection with any seminar, course, therapy, process, consulting, or other business activity except if authorized by OIO or OIF. This agreement supersedes any prior or other agreements you may have regarding use of the material provided. By signing this Agreement, you agree to be bound beyond copyright law.

Warranties. No warranties of any kind or nature are given by OIO, or the Facilitator.

Disclaimer, Release, and Indemnity. OIO and the Facilitator disclaim all liability for any illness, injury, death, property loss, or damage suffered by you directly or indirectly caused by negligence or breach of contract, breach of duty, or breach of statutory duty by OIO and/or Facilitator which occurs while you are participating in the Course, or arising from that participation, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

You accept full responsibility for your participation in the Course and for all results. You acknowledge that when you participate in the Course, you do so at your own risk, and you acknowledge that while you are participating in the Course at your location, you assume the risk of, and the responsibility for, any injury or illness that you suffer, death or property damage or loss however such injury, illness, death, loss, or damage may occur, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

You agree to release and indemnify OIO and their employees and agents, including the Facilitator against all and any liability or claims arising out of or in connection with any illness, injury, death, property loss, or damage that you may suffer or incur directly or indirectly caused by the negligence, breach of duty, breach of contract, or breach of statutory duty by OIO and/or the Facilitator, or in any way whatsoever, while you are participating in the Course. This release, waiver and indemnity will bind your heirs, executors, personal representatives, and assigns.

You understand and agree that any unauthorized use of the material or information provided in the Course and/or the OSHO trademark will constitute irreparable injury and support the grant of preliminary and permanent injunction. You further agree that if OIF and/or OIO brings action against you for infringement of its copyright and/or trademarks, OIF and/or OIO will be entitled to recover attorney’s fees reasonably incurred.

Booking Terms: Prices quoted indicate the cost of tuition, all course materials, and any relevant taxes according to country such as (VAT, MWST, GST).

Your Withdrawal, Termination and Refund Policy. Withdrawal Policy for the Course is determined by OIO. This includes any late withdrawal fees, time limit and policies. The current Cancellation Policy can be found here.

You may cancel up until the time limit in the Cancellation Policy by clicking the Cancel button on your bookings page when logged in at bookings.osho.com. If you cancel and want a repayment onto your credit card, debit card or Paypal account we will deduct €10 for administration costs.  If you choose a credit then there is no administration fee.

Your participation in the Course may be terminated by OIO or the Facilitator, for any material breach of the Agreement including these T&Cs, for inappropriate behaviour during the Course and at the sole discretion of OIO or the Facilitator.

No refunds will be made following the commencement of the first session of the Course except for unavoidable personal or medical exigencies and are within the sole discretion of OIO. If you are asked to leave the Course for breaching these T&Cs, no part of the course fee will be refunded.

Cancellations and Changes to Course by us. In the event of Cancellations and/or Changes to the Course by us, we will make every effort to provide the Course as agreed. However, we reserve the right to alter or cancel the venue (whether physical or online) or date of a course, for any cause beyond our reasonable control. In the very unlikely event that a course is cancelled, you may receive a credit against future courses, or a full refund of monies paid to us, less administration fees. Our liability will be limited to that refund. We will not be liable for any other direct or indirect loss, cost, or expense, of any nature.

Law and Jurisdiction Applicable. This Agreement, including these T&Cs and any actions or rights related thereto are governed by the law of the United States, State of New York. Exclusive jurisdiction over any action or claim arising out of or in any way related to the Agreement and participation in the Course shall be in the Courts of the United States, State of New York.

All Provisions Negotiable and Accepted. By transmitting the Application and Agreement and by accepting these T&Cs, you waive any and all objections to Application and Agreement and to the T&Cs and accept all the provisions thereof.

Marketing and Communications. Our lawful ground of processing your personal data to send you marketing communications is either your consent or our legitimate interests (namely to grow our business). You give permission to receive marketing and communication emails from osho.net, osho.com, and oshointernational.com.

Under the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we may send you marketing communications from us if (i) you made a purchase or asked for information from us about our goods or services or (ii) you agreed to receive marketing communications and, in each case, you have not opted out of receiving such communications since. Under these regulations, if you are a limited company, we may send you marketing emails without your consent. However, you can still opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time.

You can ask us to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by following the opt-out links on any marketing message sent to you or by emailing us at oio@osho.net at any time. If you opt out of receiving marketing communications, this opt-out does not apply to personal data provided because of other transactions, such as purchases, warranty registrations etc.

Severable Terms. If any provision(s) of the Agreement including all T&Cs is found to be unenforceable, all the remaining provisions remain in full force and effect.

Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between you and us. This Agreement shall supersede any prior promises, agreements, representations, undertakings, or implications whether made orally or in writing between you and us relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

Notice. Any notice may be made by email to the address set forth above. The parties may change the email address used as is necessary upon notice to the other party.

Amendment. This Agreement may not be amended except in a writing, signed by you and OIO. No signature by OIO, Facilitator or You of these T&Cs is required for them to be effective and part of our agreement.


If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions please email oio@osho.net quoting your reservation ID (which starts with the letter R), your full name, and the email address you use to login to OSHO International Online.

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