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ZOOM Baby Session with Ramarshi

This is an individual 30-minute long session.

Before you join a session, class or course with one of our Facilitators get up to speed on how Zoom works. We answer your specific questions such as:

Logging In,
Setting up,
Adjusting your Preferences,
Updating Zoom,
Getting the best sound,
Sharing your screen,
Using Chat,
What are Breakout rooms?
plus tips for specific classes.

Scroll down to see Ramarshi's Calendar. Times shown are your time zone.

Euros : €40 EUROS per 30 minutes
Eventcategories : Zoom
Facilitator Bio : Ramarshi is a Zoom expert and has helped manage events for over 300 people in multiple languages. He has been using Zoom since 2017 and has hundreds of hours of experience of sessions and groups of all shapes and sizes. He teaches facilitators how to use Zoom so that they can make the switch from physical to on-line. Ramarshi manages the Planyo Booking system that Osho International Online uses.
Facilitator Name : Ramarshi
Languages spoken : English
Type : Session

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