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OSHO Bardo TASTER 25 Feb 2021 (b)

Exploring the relationship between meditation & dying.

This is a 45 minute Free Taster to help you decide if this course is right for you.

The course takes place over one weekend day and is two sessions, each of which is 3-hours long with an hour break in between.

This method can bring you greater understanding, relaxation and awareness to your everyday living and to dying.


A 45-minute Free Taster

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How long till it starts?

“So, the first thing I say to you is that as long as you keep running away from death you will continue to be defeated by it – and the day you stand up and encounter death, that very day death will leave you, but you will remain.” Osho

Along with some sharing it will feature OSHO Bardo the newly created meditative process based on Osho's guidance for dying consciously.


Much of our fear around death is because we have no idea what it will be like – or the only ideas we do have are based on the scary beliefs and frightening superstitions of our society and culture.

Another way our ideas, and fears, are shaped may be through having watched someone die – a beloved grandparent, our partner or a close friend. If that experience was painful, bewildering and full of anguish, those feelings will be stamped on our relationship to dying and death.

There is another way to view death, and a way to prepare for it and enter it consciously – just as a mother does when readying herself to give birth. That way is meditation.

Through discussion and practising several meditative techniques, culminating in the meditation called OSHO Bardo, we can gently move, step by step, from the misperception of ourselves as simply a bodymind into the oceanic space of consciousness. According to the mystics, this is the essence of the journey we know as “death.”

A simply structured day from which you can take a profound experience and a life-changing understanding.

Euros : FREE
Facilitator Bio : Maneesha has been facilitating workshops and individual sessions focused on meditation, conscious living and support in the dying process, along with counselling for general issues for the last 20 years, all over the world. A qualified psychotherapist, the foundation of her approach is meditation. As the "Guinea pig" for the creation of many of Osho's techniques, she has a broad experience of and great personal love for meditation. In her sessions she creates a safe, loving space and - drawing on a wide range of Osho meditative techniques and simple structures - supports her clients in going within.

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Facilitator Name : Maneesha
Languages spoken : English
Type : Free Taster

Start Date for Facilitator: Thursday - 2021-02-25

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