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Emotional Freedom and Stress Release with Veet Mano

Emotional Freedom and Stress Release works with repressed emotions, exploring how they hold us back from our work, our love and our happiness.
With deep understanding and the use of emotional release techniques your heart can be unburdened bringing you new energy and strength to live and love totally.

Euros : €80 EUROS per hour
Eventcategories : Emotional Freedom and Stress Release
Facilitator Bio : Veet Mano was the creator and first facilitator of the Emotional Freedom Course, Training and Individual Sessions for Emotional Freedom at the Osho International Meditation Resort. Veet Mano's approach is to help people unburden themselves in an atmosphere of love and encouragement. Veet Mano supports people to find their strength and open blocked layers of feelings and emotional expression. In Veet Mano's understanding Emotional Freedom is a very valuable Emotional Cleaning and Healing Process and also a Bridge to Osho Meditation as it removes so many blocks and obstacles which can inhibit our inner journey. Veet Manos' experience is also that creating an atmosphere of love, trust, confidence, and also joy and positivity greatly helps to remove barriers and heal wounds.
Facilitator Name : Veet Mano
Languages spoken : English
Type : Session

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