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Bugs glorious bugs!

Bugs happen when you build something which is complex. The first person to use the term was none other than Thomas Edison in a letter he wrote in 1878. “You were partly correct, I did find a ‘bug’ in my apparatus, but it was not in the telephone proper. It was of the genus ‘callbellum.’ The insect appears to find conditions for its existence in all call apparatus of telephones.” The first instance of a computer “bug” was a moth that got into a computer in 1947 and fried itself and a circuit. U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper traced an error on the Mark II to a dead moth that was trapped in a relay. The insect was carefully removed and taped to the logbook, and the term computer bug was used to describe the incident.
source: interesting engineering

Please let us know if we close a ticket too quickly. The reference number is in the first column.
Just email us with the reference number if applicable, a description of the bug, and a screenshot from the email address you are logged in with.

Here is a list of the known bugs and actions we plan or have completed.


ReferenceDateTitleDescriptionResolutionDate Resolved
10192020 12 20Unable to edit my detailsFields are read onlyin progress
11782020 12 20Calendar on smartphonePresentation needs improvingin progress
12242020 12 20Facilitator did not get cancellation Cancellation email and remove from calendarresolved2020 12 21
12272020 12 20Terms & conditions Not downloadingresolved2020 12 21
12272020 12 22Courses and sessions not sorting correctlymanual workaround sets sort orderin progress
12352020 12 22Zoom sending duplicate confirmationsWhen booked I get confirmation twice or three timesreported to Zoom
12362020 12 20Missing calendar inviteWeekend courses with several sessions - occasionally one is missingreported to Zoom2021 01 06
12382020 12 22Incorrect timeFacilitator time not client time showing on booking and cancellation confirmationsresolved2021 01 06
12382020 12 22Signature block missingSome confirmation emails missing signatureresolved2021 01 06

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