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Say Yes to your body. Say Yes to life

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“If one man finds the inner balance, the inner tranquility, the inner still small voice, the inner knack that passes all understanding, then every human being becomes capable of it.”  Osho

“He [Buddha] talks for the first time about man as a psychosomatic phenomenon. He does not talk about body and mind, he talks about bodymind. They are not two, hence no “and” is needed to join them. They are already one – bodymind – not even a hyphen is needed; bodymind is one phenomenon.”  Osho

Much of our stress is avoidable. The body gives us a constant stream of feedback but instead of responding appropriately in the moment, we develop coping strategies, many of them negative, to allow us to ignore the body and carry on regardless. We have learned to use our mind to dominate our body, treating it like a machine.

This brutal approach serves to entrench bad habits and addictions as the body sends louder messages and the mind finds stronger ways of ignoring them. We become split – our mind and body are divided against one another; we are alienated from our natural harmonious wholeness.

Inner Balance will show you ways of tuning in to your body and healing this split. When the mind body split is healed, energy flows, balance is achieved, harmony arises, and you experience the miracle of who you really are.

Once established, maintaining body/mind balance becomes increasingly simple because the energy, in balance, flows naturally into awareness. This creates a self-sustaining beneficial cycle.


Strategies for improving your life that are imposed from outside only work short term and are ultimately a hit and miss affair. If you are looking for a way of living life easily and to the fullest, the only guaranteed way of doing so on a lasting basis, is to fall in love with your body – to start living from inside your body in deep respect and harmony.

“The body is your friend; it is not your enemy. Listen to its language, decode its language, and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life. In condensed form, it is in your body. Magnified a millionfold, it is all over the world.”  Osho

The door to fulfilment is open, why settle for less?


You will learn

  • Body awareness, inner balance, and grounding exercises, that move you easily into a resourceful, relaxed state of being
  • Techniques for releasing tension in the bodymind and allowing your inner energy to find its natural flow – healthy, vibrant, and harmonious
  • Hara awareness and centering exercises to help you to connect with the source of your energy – the universe
  • The art of being in the moment
  • How to make your daily meditation practice more natural and relaxed
  • OSHO Active Meditations and how they can help make your journey smoother and easier


  • A LIVE online course over one weekend day. Two 3-hour sessions with breaks
  • Osho insights and quotes about the body, centering, the hara, and meditation
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey
  • Q&A sessions with facilitator

Find the perfect inner balance, celebrate being alive, and find a relaxed inner silence, moment to moment.


Course approach

  • Body
  • Issues

About Satsavya


Satsavya has 35 years of experience with OSHO Active Meditations and is a certified facilitator for the OSHO Meditative Therapies.

She is passionate about the ease and effectiveness of Dr. Milton Trager’s somatic bodywork. Certified in 2004, she leads a successful Trager® Practice in Holland that has been transforming and inspiring many towards a balanced and healthy life. Gifted with a holistic touch, joy, and love, she is here to listen to you, to support you and respect your unique way of coming home.

More about Satsavya

“When your body becomes beautiful, full of music, rhythmical, when there is a poetic rhythm in your body, an ecstasy, then you will recognize consciousness. Then you will have the first glimpse of the one who is hidden within this body – you have entered the temple.” - Osho

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