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Here is a list of the improvements we plan or have completed.


ReferenceReportedTitleDescriptionPlanned DateCompleted
09282020 12 20Facebook integrationLet me book directly from facebook2021 02
09642020 12 20Rename Home as My ProfileOn Bookings page the Home link is actually the profile of the user2021 02
09772020 12 20Single Sign OnOne login that works across the whole of and sub-domains (shop, iosho..)2021 03
10412020 12 20Add Zoom link to confirmation screen.Immediately I pay let me click the Zoom link in case I am joining last minute2021 02
10412020 12 20Add Book More link to confirmationImmediately I pay let me book another item2021 02
10962020 12 20FeedbackAutomate ability to provide feedback on meeting2021 03
11802020 12 20Guided SearchLet me answer a few questions to show a list of recommendations2021 02
11962020 12 20Clickable imagesLet me click an image to see the details of the session, class or course2021 02
12112020 12 20More Quick searchSearch by approach, language, category2020 12 started
12302020 12 20PermalinksMake the links to each offering easier to read and SEO compatible2020 12 started
12342020 12 20Cancel free sessionsIn MY BOOKINGS add ability to cancel free sessions2021 02
12392020 12 20Non-englishTranslate into major languages and add button to switch languages2020 12 startedDutch goes live 2021 01 more languages to follow
tbd2020 12 20Automate Certificate for facilitationSend certificate for facilitation courses automatically on completion2021 02
tbd2020 12 20Provide pdf of invoice copy in MY BOOKINGSEnable users to download their invoice2021 02
tbd2020 12 20Provide link to co-pilot from MY BOOKINGWhen course is running enable participantys to contact Co-Pilot directly2021 02
tbd2020 12 20Provide online chatlineImprove support by offering live chat2021 03

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