Raso first came into contact with the Osho proposal in 1978 and was set to complete her thesis in pedagogy from the University of Florence. Afterwards, enriched by the experience of the OSHO Meditation Resort, she opened an Osho Meditation Centre in Florence. Since that time, she has been meditating and working with people around the world.

She has been trained as a polyhedric bodyworker, and continually works with OSHO Active Meditations. She has studied and practiced as channeler, tarot reader and facilitator of trainings on the chakras.

Her readings have solid roots in meditation, psychology and in her experience of bodywork; they also have a playful and easy touch.

The sessions will support your clarity and awareness in different fields of your professional life, your relations, your health, love affairs, and your money situation.

Bring your questions, issues, and/or doubts into the session to be answered and explored using the powerful tool of the OSHO Zen Tarot.


OSHO Zen Tarot

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Addictions, Coaching, Communication Issues, Connecting with your Creativity, Energy Healing/Chakras, Forgiveness, Grief, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, OSHO Active Meditations, Tarot Reading, Trauma Healing, Women’s Issues.



“For several years I’ve had Channeling sessions with Raso. It has been an annual, must-have event every time I arrived in Pune. During those sessions, I not only received answers to my questions, but also intuitive directions and insights on what to work on,for a whole year. These sessions have been very valuable in my process of inner opening and awareness, and at same time a support to deepen my meditation. In the sessions I received messages that suddenly cleared up certain crucial mental knots, to have a quantum leap in the understanding of my life! I will always be grateful to existence for giving me the opportunity, through Raso, to be able to feel, today, rooted, with the depths of my roots and with the wings of my being!”
Prabhod Anudas, India

“Recently I received a Tarot mini session from Raso. It was a very beautiful session full of love, compassion and truth and it got right to the point. Raso gave me a few insightful tips on the situation, I asked for, that proved to be so accurate. I would recommend Raso and her Tarot sessions to anyone. She is very experienced on the Tarot subjects and at the same time, she keeps her readings light, fun and essential. Thank you Raso!”
Darshana Ilaria Caglieri, Italy

“Raso is a very special and lovely person for me. She offers deep and profound readings. For several years, in times of need, when I have doubts about what to do, or how to move, or to get some clarity on an issue, I have been turning to her for a Tarot reading online. I highly recommend Raso!”
Anna Maria P., Italy

Raso’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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