Ritu a practicing holistic counselor, is a facilitator in the Path of Love Retreat, a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, who specializes in trauma resolution by the Somatic-Experiencing method.

Since her first meeting with Osho in 1978 her whole life has revolved around his teachings and his meditations. Cleaning the unconscious, as Osho suggests, has informed both her personal exploration and now, her work with people.

Ritu loves supporting her clients to explore and integrate different aspects of their psyches and to become free from limiting identifications. This allows them to step outside of imposed boundaries and to create the space to be their true selves.

She creates a place of trust and intimacy where self-exploration goes to deeper and deeper levels.


Counseling Psychology

Also experienced in:
Abandonment, Attachment Issues, Career Counseling, Coaching, Communication Issues, Connecting with your Creativity, Emotional Release, Everyday Life Issues, Forgiveness, Guilt/Shame, Inner Critic/Judgments, Inner Man, Inner Woman, Love/Dating/Conscious Relating, Stress Release, Trauma Healing, Women’s Issues.

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“I loved working with Ritu. I always felt very safe with her. She saw me and understood my being, better than I did. Within her there is a deep calmness, strength and wisdom. She reached me on the point where I was at that moment in my life, offering a direction, but never pushing. She chose the methods I needed and helped me understanding what was moving me at that moment. Thanks to her I allowed to heal myself at the time when I was ready and being loving and compassionate with me when I was not.”
Eva Ganzenberg, Germany

“I didn’t expect to be so deeply touched and mirrored when I entered this process. Meeting, exploring, seeing, being seen by and co-creating with women helped me get in touch with, and recognize, love. I now begin to heal parts of myself I never dreamed existed. Thank you Ritu for this journey to myself.”
Jen Ross, United States

“I met Ritu and soon felt comfortable with her. I had been waiting for such an opportunity and the confidence to begin with counseling sessions. Being by such an open and kind, straight, steady, yet cheerful person like her encouraged me on the path to myself. In the sessions I found a caring and supportive guide in her, she made space and gave words to the different parts of me involved in the issue I felt I needed to work on in each session. How I felt, moment to moment, was always what brought me back to my body, to my emotions and sensations.
We went through each matter, allowing creative and short- and long-term paths and aims to arise and come to light.”
Tiffany Morescalchi, Italy


Ritu’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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