Sadhana has been facilitating OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditations for over two decades. She is trained at the Osho Multiversity.

Sadhana has traveled extensively in China, the UK, France, Portugal, Canada, and USA facilitating OSHO Meditations and courses.

The unique feature of OSHO courses is cleansing and unburdening the past which makes people both fresh and deeply relaxed.
She has found these therapies, designed by Osho, which are both simple, profound and have an immediate effect.

She has worked with hundreds of people from around the world and found that these meditations are equally effective for all cultures and ages.

Sadhana also gives individual sessions for those who would like to address specific issues.
She uses Osho insights in dealing with emotional issues which supports people to understand and to release these emotional issues, supporting deeper levels of meditation.


Centering/Grounding Techniques
Meditation Techniques/Mindfulness
OSHO Zen Tarot
OSHO Body-Mind Balancing

Also experienced in:
Attachment Issues, Body Tension Release, Career Counseling, Coaching, Commitment Issues, Communication Issues, Compassion Fatigue, Connecting with your Creativity, Death Related Issues, Emotional Release, Emotional Voice Modulation, Energy Healing/Chakras, Everyday Life Issues, Family Issues, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt/Shame, Hypnosis for Life Issues, Hypnosis for Meditation, Hypnosis for Relaxation, Inner Critic/Judgments, Inner Man, Inner Woman, OSHO Active Meditations, Parenting Issues, Self-Hypnosis for Meditation, Stress Release, Tarot Reading, Women’s Issues, Workplace Issues.



“Hey Beloved, Just a shout-out for your gift of OSHO Healing Sound course. WOW You are simply the Best! I am still in that space, and grateful to share this atmosphere with Sadhana.”
Madiro Paul, United States

“I have done an Osho Zen Tarot training with Sadhana. I couldn’t imagine Tarot reading could be so deep! Sadhana took us to the depth of the unconscious and explained the meaning of symbols and how we have to open our heart to understand Tarot cards.”
Mira Citron, Mexico

“The session about addiction was very, very good Sadhana. Many times, you inspire me to go into my unconscious and find the roots of my habits there. You give so many insights that I remember them while working, in my day to day life.”
Vimarsh Jani, India

Sadhana’s Courses and Individual Sessions



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