Love these meditation days

I absolutely love these meditation days.
Great fun, good knowledge, fab value and I can’t stop signing up for every first Sunday of the month …
Thank you so much for putting these days on and making them affordable and beautiful xx

I am very grateful for

I am very grateful for these regular OSHO meditation days and attend where possible; so good to feel that connection in consciousness between us all, no matter where in the world we are. Being here in Western Australia, the timing is not always easy, but I appreciate the contact, perhaps even more.

The monthly meditation days provide

The monthly meditation days provide a great way to ground and reset, especially with other meditators worldwide; a global buddhafield. Here locally in Western Australia I run meditations and it’s a nice change to drop even that and simply participate. It’s good to be able to chose from a long list of meditation possibilities. The presenters do so well. Thank you.

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