An interesting experience

A very rich and interesting experience, completely unexpected and I can say that it gave me working ideas. The idea for a sequel was born spontaneously. I think it will be useful.
Many thanks to Sadhana

Joyful voice activation

The course was beautiful and joyful and a great reminder of the power of our voices, of singing, of humming to not only heal us, but to also charge us with life energy and bring us joy and excitement to life. Please do an advanced version of it where we meet once a week or a month as a continuation to the voice journey and to deepen it. Thank you

An essential introduction to power of voice & how to express voice.

This course was the first opportunity to actually experience that my voice good enough to sing. Although I enjoyed high school choir I was excused for horseplay because of a dumb teenage stunt.
Singing ‘freely’ caused uncertainty when stares came my way, so I never felt confident in singing or even in my normal speaking voice.
Sadhana is a gem of a facilitator! Her demonstrations somehow gave me and my voice the power of self-confidence. I’ll keep an eye out for her future courses.

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