A great gift

OSHO Meditation days online have been a wonderful opportunity to meditate and celebrate life with fellow travellers from all around the world. OSHO Meditations are powerful and the buddhafield created by all the people participating helps me go deeper in my meditation. Thank you Osho and OSHO team for this great gift!

One full day meditation

Long long day but very relaxing and enriching. It was my first time so all new but now I know how to get better organized for the future ones.

It just gets better an better

This was my fourth in a row Meditation Day.
Every time has been different even if some meditations I’ve done before because different facilitators. It’s new and different and always fun.
Fantastic and highly recommended.
Can’t wait for the next one.
Thank you everyone xx

Love these meditation days

I absolutely love these meditation days.
Great fun, good knowledge, fab value and I can’t stop signing up for every first Sunday of the month …
Thank you so much for putting these days on and making them affordable and beautiful xx

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