The monthly meditation days provide

The monthly meditation days provide a great way to ground and reset, especially with other meditators worldwide; a global buddhafield. Here locally in Western Australia I run meditations and it’s a nice change to drop even that and simply participate. It’s good to be able to chose from a long list of meditation possibilities. The presenters do so well. Thank you.

A wonderful exploration of OSHO Active Meditations

I love the monthly day of OSHO Meditations and highly recommend it for anyone who wants a taste of OSHO Active meditations or sample some from the Osho Book of Secrets. Even though it is online, there is still a lovely community sense, and the techniques are great for everyday living.

Sunday meditation day

It was the first time I did one day of meditation online. I was surprised by how easy it has been to flow with the scheduled meditation throughout the day. I was on from morning to evening. I felt enlivened, nourished and supported by the container. Deeply grateful for this opportunity.

A marathon of meditation

It was my first experience with OSHO Meditation Day’s, and I just can’t believe how great it was. Of all the 14 meditations, I did 12 of them: from 8 o’clock PM (eastern time) to 6 o’clock PM the next day, I was amazed by the diversity and the effectiveness of Osho’s meditation techniques. Pretty impressive for a first experience. By the end of the day, I was still full of energy. Instructions were clear and facilitators very available to support. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for your dedication.

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