Do that! Do this amazing course.

I did my first primal process many years ago, and I can also tell those who have already done it, to do this course with Bela again.
Her knowledge of the inner child is so accurate, profound and honest that anyone can get something out of the course with her that is indescribable in words and so valuable that, at the end of the course, the only thing you will want to do… is to do it again and again!
Meeting my inner child finally gave me the ability to relax that I never, ever had. Only the encounter with this vulnerable and innocent part can give us what we all seek: peace, grounding, softness, love for ourselves.
Thank you Bela, thank you Osho international for this opportunity to work on such a delicate subject online but with the same care and effectiveness as in-presence courses.

I entered Primal Mirror open

I entered Primal Mirror open minded and hoped to find some clarity. During the 3-days I got though much more clarity on several things, also by listening to the stories of others. I noticed I also look differently, with more softness to other people. It is beautiful to see everyone opening more, Bela knows how to point everyone in the right direction. I got so much closer to my little girl, she is beautiful the way she is.
If everyone in the world would do this course, it would be a better place 🙂

I have gained a lot

I have gained a lot of clarity on my current situation, and I feel as if a few weights have lifted since we finished the course. I feel that a part of me has come home, and that life doesn’t feel as overwhelming and difficult as before.
I feel that you have guided me to see a few doors that were waiting to be opened by me and I was kind of blind to them. Thank you for your gentleness, openness, and guiding light.

What an extraordinary gift this

What an extraordinary gift this course was! I felt so safe to connect with my inner child in Bela’s loving presence and excellent guidance. My connection with my inner child has become stronger and I now have some tools to connect more deeply with her. I feel that this work is very healing and that I can use it as an anchor for the rest of my life.

Explore and understand the deeper

Explore and understand the deeper meaning of how your “wounded” inner child influences your day-to-day life and how reconnecting with this immensely sensitive and vulnerable part of you supports you to live your essence, fully and spontaneously, in a self-caring and loving way, rather than from limiting self-beliefs and conditionings.
For me personally, I love facilitating primal work because of the depth and truth that it explores and unfolds.

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