Everyone is unique and different approaches suit different people. Use the links below to explore a doorways that resonates with you for your own transformation.



The body-based courses, sessions and classes are specifically designed to heal the divisions within us. The body can be the greatest support for our transformation:

as Osho explains:

“Begin the feeling of wonder with your own body, because that is the closest to you. The closest nature has approached to you, the closest existence has come to you, is through the body.”

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“Take care of it and be grateful to it. It provides a great opportunity because it is only through the body that you have come to know what life is, what love is, what light is. It is through the body that you have seen, you have heard, you have touched; that you have loved and been loved. It is through the body that you have become aware. Be thankful toward the body and never take an antagonistic attitude toward it.”

“Hence my insistence to be joyous, to be celebrating, to enjoy life, to accept the body – not only to accept it, but to feel grateful that existence has given you such a beautiful body, such a sensitive body, with so many doors to relate to reality: eyes and ears and nose and touch. Open all these windows and let life’s breeze flow in, let life’s sunshine in. Learn to be more sensitive. Use every opportunity to be sensitive.” Osho

By contrast we tend to fight with our bodies, which causes a split, a constant civil war. Only by letting go of that split is all else possible. Then, as Osho explains:

“Even the impossible is possible.”

Our body-based courses, sessions and classes are specifically designed to heal exactly these divisions within us.


Esoteric Science

Esoteric experience, as opposed to esoteric knowledge, can be powerful and enriching. This approach respects the inner science: based on experience and observation, a mirror image of the normal outer science based on experiment and observation.

The esoteric science is very mysterious. It does not depend on how many chakras there are, their value comes from the quality of your inner experience.

Osho explains that this approach, which includes so many elements from China and Tibet, is for people who are loving, compassionate and meditative enough not to misuse this science.

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“Anything that is needed will come of its own accord, in its own time. All this so-called esoteric knowledge about chakras, energy fields, kundalini, astral bodies, is dangerous as knowledge. As experience it is a totally different thing. Don’t acquire it as knowledge. If it is needed for your spiritual growth, it will come to you in its right time, and then it will be an experience.

“If you have an acquired knowledge, borrowed knowledge, it is going to be a hindrance. For example Hindu Yoga believes in seven chakras, Jaina scriptures mention nine chakras, and Buddhist scriptures say that there are dozens of chakras and that these are only the important ones which have been chosen by different schools. They don’t give any fixed number. Acquired knowledge will be confusing: How many chakras? And what are you going to do with that knowledge, whether there are seven or nine or dozens? Your knowledge is not going to help; it can only hinder.

“So you will come to experience chakras, you will come to experience energy fields, but it is better not to be knowledgeable, because that is a difficult problem. You may read a book written five thousand years ago by a certain kind of person and you may not be of the same category. You may not find that chakra at the same place, and you will feel unnecessarily frustrated. And you will find a chakra in a place where the books don’t mention it; then you will feel that you are abnormal, something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you.

“Energy fields, chakras and all the esoteric things should be experienced. And keep your mind clean of all knowledge so that you don’t have any expectation; wherever the experience happens, you are ready to accept it.

“Each individual has differences, and differences come in such small things that you cannot conceive. For example, in the East, people sit on the floor. In cold countries people cannot sit on the floor; a chair is absolutely necessary. Naturally their backbones, their spines will have a different shape than those of the people who sit on the floor, and the experiences of their kundalini will be different….

“So it is better not to memorize from scriptures. Those scriptures are the experiences of certain people, of certain times, of certain circumstances; they were not written for you.

“The scripture that is for you can be written only by you, by your own experience.”

Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Talk #39 – Must I Say Goodbye?



The purpose of Counselling is to help you reconnect with your own clarity and sense of direction, to feel what is in the way of your leading a relaxed fulfilled life. It is will help you to shed new light on issues that are presenting themselves in your life so you can move forwards with clarity and understanding. By talking the things over with somebody in a non-judgmental and supportive environment you can make fundamental changes by seeing how habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving can be unlearned – making space for new opportunities to emerge.



All inner conflict is due to a misunderstanding between the conscious and the unconscious.

Hypnosis is a common everyday affair: when you drift off into a daydream on a train, or when you drive home and arrive with no memory of the journey. By allowing yourself to be guided into this same space intentionally, you can become aware of these misunderstandings that lie at the root of all inner conflict.

As you resolve these conflicts, inevitably an inner integrity evolves and your original, natural harmony returns.

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“The unconscious never hears anything that the conscious is deciding, and the conscious cannot control the unconscious – the unconscious is so vast.

“The secret of hypnosis is that it takes you to the unconscious, and then you can put the seed of anything in the unconscious, and it will grow, blossom. The blossoming will happen in the conscious, but the roots will remain in the unconscious.

“As far as I am concerned, hypnosis is going to be one of the most significant parts of the mystery school. Such a simple method, which only demands a little trust, a little innocence, can bring miraculous changes in your life – and not in ordinary things only. Slowly it can become the path of your meditation.

“You meditate, but you don’t succeed. You don’t succeed in watching; you get mixed up with thoughts, you forget watching. You remember later on, “I was going to watch, but I am thinking.” Hypnosis can help you; it can make the watcher and the thoughts separate. For spiritual growth I don’t think there is anything more important than hypnosis.”

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Chapter 44, Q 2



Meditation is so simple and yet, strangely not so easy. It is simple because it is only seeing, which we already are so good at. It is not so easy because all our seeing is with the mind, and it is mind that needs to be seen! Our mind is a brilliant analyzer of detail, a repository of our past experiences and future fantasies. This continual flow of information inevitably influences whatever we are seeing. This distortion means we never see what is, only what our mind wants to see.

Not surprisingly, with such impaired vision, we struggle through life, blind to the reality inside us and around us and all the beautiful possibilities that life is offering to us.

We are stuck in a life of servitude to the mind. Better is to use the mind as an amazing servant, rather than beings used by it. Meditation offers us the opportunity to be the masters of our own lives.

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As Osho explains:

“That is the first step of meditation: watching the body from the inside. Slowly, slowly a distance arises between the watcher and the watched and the confusion starts clearing up.

When you are perfectly aware that you are not the body then the second step has to be taken: the watching of mind processes, which are a little more subtle; hence one should take it only as a second step.”

Then thoughts, desires, memories, imagination, dreams, fantasies, slowly, slowly the whole panorama of the mind has to be watched; then you start getting out of the entanglement with the mind. Just as you got out of the body, you start getting out of the mind; more clarity arises that you are not the mind either.

 “Then the third step is to watch the feelings, the emotions, which are the subtlest – the heart. They are subtler than thoughts; they are very vague, very elusive. It is difficult to catch hold of them, but if you have succeeded in the first two steps then the third also becomes possible – but only after the first two.

 “The process is the same, watching; just the object changes: the object becomes more and more subtle, more and more inner. And when you have succeeded in seeing that you are not your heart either – your emotions, your love, your hate, your moods, sadness, joy – you are not even that, then a tremendous clarity arises in you.

These are the three steps which make you aware of yourself; it is a clear-cut, crystal clear awareness of the self.”



Sometimes we are just overwhelmed by one particular issue. Or perhaps there is one repetitive thought or emotion that seems to be a key to something in your life you really want to resolve. Of course, it seems endless, because all you can do is to use the mind to try and solve a problem that is in reality, caused by the mind. Round and round you go. So, for you, this is your starting point. Bring it to the meeting and let someone help you take some distance from that sorry-go-round and begin the journey of resolving whatever is going on in your life.



If you are working face-to-face with anyone on Zoom, the importance of making a direct connection with whoever is on the other end is just as important as in any person-to-person meeting.

This is easily possible. In fact, some people experience a closeness that is more intense than regular in person meetings. The key is for the technology to become invisible so there is nothing between you and the other.

The technology only disappears when you are completely at ease with the situation and can allow all your awareness to be on the connection with the other.

If you are thinking about your positioning on the screen, your volume or theirs, fiddling about with your mouse and accidentally hitting the keyboard… then it is your connection with your meeting partner or partners that disappears instead.

Take this time to really become proficient with long distance meetings, then you can relax, sit still and enjoy the process in a way that benefits all the participants, including you.

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All of our courses, classes and sessions are on the videoconferencing application Zoom. In case you are unfamiliar with Zoom or need to upgrade your Zoom skills we have a number of options to help you get up to speed.

Zoom Baby – If all of this online world is new and unfamiliar book a 30-minute orientation individual session especially for Zoom babies. Get up to speed on how Zoom works, so that you can focus on, and enjoy the course, class, or sessions you book.

Zoom for Facilitators – Planning on running a course, class, or session on Zoom? You may need to upgrade your skills so that you deliver a smooth and professional experience. You can join one of our regular classes or get more personal attention with individual sessions. Our Zoom facilitators have hundreds of hours of experience and can show you what you need to know, in simple jargon-free terms.

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