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OSHO BodyMind Alignment — Online Class

Freedom, lightness and joy for your BodyMind and Being

LIVE Online Class of 60 minutes

“The really healthy person is not stuck anywhere, he is not stagnant, he is dynamic. He can be in great action and yet he can remain inactive… he knows the way of action through inaction.”  Osho

This one-hour class has a limited number of 10 participants; book your class well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The class consists of a series of gentle playful movements that focus on the sensations of gravity on the body using visualization to enhance the sense of bodymind unity. Our field of awareness expands to embrace the bodymind fully and the natural, healthy flow of energy in the bodymind is restored. This flow brings vitality and joy of movement and enhances our ability to move simply and easily into the space of meditation.


The BodyMind Alignment movements are beneficial for chronic neuromuscular ailments, such as back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, RSI and fibromyalgia; as well as stress-related conditions such as headache, insomnia, burn-out and depression.

The classes will also show you an easy way of slipping into the space of meditation.


  • You will learn an easy, enjoyable sequence of movements that will restore flexibility to your joints and muscles.
  • You will learn effective ways to deal with stress-related conditions such as headache, insomnia, burn-out and depression.
  • You will develop greater body and postural awareness, relieving your body of the many ill effects of poor posture
  • You will experience your body and mind as one unified whole – as bodymind – and learn to live from that understanding.
  • You will find a new and easy way of entering the space of meditation.
  • You will become more deeply grounded in the body with the self-confidence that comes with that groundedness.


  • A LIVE online class of 60 minutes


“All my meditations are to give you a streaming energy. That’s why I call them dynamic methods. The old meditations were just to sit silently, not to do anything. I give you active methods because when you are streaming with energy you can sit silently, that will do, but right now you first have to become alive.”  Osho


60 Minutes
€10 EUR




Satsavya has 35 years of experience with OSHO ACtive Meditations and is a certified facilitator for the OSHO Meditative Therapies.

She is passionate about the ease and effectiveness of Dr. Milton Trager’s somatic bodywork. Certified in 2004, she leads a successful Trager® Practice in Holland that has been transforming and inspiring many towards a balanced and healthy life. Gifted with a holistic touch, joy, and love, she is here to listen to you, to support you and respect your unique way of coming home.

As a certified IAPCH hypnotist she will often employ hypnosis in her sessions, to support the BodyMind healing process in replacing unwanted habits and patterns, and for deepening awareness.

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