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A 6-Week Course on Zoom — 1.5 Hour Every week

From chaos to cosmos and beyond

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The significance of astrology is this: you are not, but the universe is; you are not but the cosmos is.” Osho

The course is an introduction to a completely fresh way of looking at astrology – using it to understand more about who we are, who we are not, and who or what is at the very center of our inner and outer worlds.

Astrology: the language of the soul

Astrology is a language of archetypes – of potent symbols we can use to explore what is making us who we are. It is also an energy map that we can explore experientially. The most essential astrology has to do with learning how to identify, accept and be with what is. Come on a colorful journey of self-discovery and meditation.

“The moment you realize your universality, all your anxieties appear to be so trivial, so tiny. just the very realization of your eternity makes them disappear, they become shadows. The moment you realize your life source, they lose their reality.”  Osho


Bringing change to where it is needed and acceptance to the unchangeable

Osho Astrology offers a way to change that which can be changed – acceptance and awareness allowing release of habitual reactions that hinder our growth. And moving deeper into the language of the soul it also offers a way of seeing and understanding that which can’t be changed – the unique individuality you were born with. You will also learn exercises that will make the wisdom of astrology a lived experience for you.


  • The essential concepts of astrology including techniques to give you a direct experiential understanding of them
  • How Osho Astrology differs from the traditional and psychological forms of astrology
  • Some interesting things about your own birth sign
  • To use meditation techniques that assist your self-exploration and take you beyond – to the universal


  • Insights and quotes from Osho, about astrology, psychotherapy and meditation
  • Q&A sessions with your facilitator


About Sudhir


Sudhir first came to Osho in 1977. Meditation has been his underlying adventure ever since. He trained in Osho Astrology in 1985 and is passionate about using astrology as a tool to unfold and explore what is and what gets in the way of us being with life as it is. He has written the Osho Horoscope for www.osho.com since 2000. He also writes a selection of other astrology columns that are published around the world.

More about Sudhir

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