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Online Course on Zoom – Sat & Sun, 3 hours a day

Transforming your life through dance

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Your body, your mind, your soul all fall into a harmony in dancing. Dancing is one of the most spiritual things there is.”  Osho

Life is constantly bringing new situations which may be difficult to navigate, triggering pain, anger, sadness, and other uncomfortable feelings. We can either learn how to be present with these feelings  or we can allow our mind to create struggle. Learning to pulsate in harmony with life allows us to experience life as a natural unfolding and to become more resilient when challenges arise.

An invitation to dance your way through life

We will use dance as a simple, fun way to activate our life energy and enhance our awareness of our inner world. By remaining present to the sensations that arise, we become aware of the stories from the past stored in the body-mind, and how they influence the way we see life – how they can add an emotional overlay to our perceptions that interferes with clarity.

Embracing challenges with clarity

From the clarity of the heart, we can embrace life’s challenges as they are. With these three elements: the fire of our energy, presence with our bodily sensations and the acceptance of the heart, the alchemy of transformation happens. A situation that may have felt overwhelming can now be much easier to deal with.


“…because life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived.”  Osho

If you are ready to move out of living life as a series of problems – to see things from a new perspective – here is your opportunity to explore and celebrate this with others. To find relaxation with whatever is happening – within yourself or within the group. To meditate and dance with others and learn new ways of being in the world and remaining grounded. To experience the power of dance to transform your life.


  • To dance with total freedom
  • A way to reduce stress and release tensions
  • How to build resilience
  • To get in touch with your feelings and emotions
  • The power of your heart to transform
  • How to connect to your joy and playfulness
  • The joy of simply being alive
  • How to let go of worries and preoccupations
  • Simple, fun tools for staying grounded


  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 3 hours a day
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may help you at this stage of your journey

OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting are essential parts of any course booked on OIO and if you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have subscribed to iOSHO prior to the course starting. Once subscribed you will be able to do the meditations in the time and place suggested by the facilitator. Currently there is a free, 7-day trial, available. If the course you’ve booked is longer than 7 days, we suggest that you subscribe for one month.


Course approach

  • Body
  • Meditation

About Dhyana


Dhyana loves sharing her passion for meditation, dance, and awareness. She is the founder of OSHO Colombia, Whirling in Berlin, and the international event Conscious Dance Festival.

More about Dhyana

“Once you understand the rhythm of the polar opposites, then there is no fear. Remember: life is a rhythm between day and night, summer and winter. It is a continuous rhythm. Never stop anywhere! Be moving! And the bigger the swing, the deeper your experience will be.” - Osho

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