OSHO A Journey from Fear to Love

LIVE Online Course – Sat & Sun, 3 hours a day

An opportunity to heal, reconnect and harmonize

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“Without love, fear is bound to be there. It is just an absence of love.”  Osho

In this course, we uncover and experience the fears that we have been avoiding for so long, creating a space to celebrate the love that naturally emerges when we simply allow the fears, and acknowledge them, without any judgment.

As we learn to relax into our innate loving nature, we discover tremendous inner resources of strength and creativity.

As Osho explains:

“If you witness anything – fear, anger, hate – it will disappear, leaving a tremendous amount of energy in you which you can use for creativity.”

A Journey from Fear to Love is an alchemical journey of feeling, healing, balancing, and harmonizing the energetic centers of your bio-energy field.


We have learned to repress our instinctual feelings and these repressions form barriers that block the natural flow of our life energy. Our lives become small and unadventurous, hemmed in and contracted – ruled by unease and fear.

This course will open you to a transformational experience of living and loving fully. Allowing your natural energies to flow freely brings a taste of bliss to your daily life and deepens the love you give to yourself and others. Experience yourself as a complete being, balanced and harmonious.


You will learn from experience:

  • How to remove the barriers that block the flow of your natural life energies
  • Tools for connecting to your life essence and your love of yourself
  • How to allow the heart chakra to open
  • Meditation techniques to transform fear into bliss, love, and trust


  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 3 hours a day
  • Guided relaxation sessions using a trance technique – Transomatic Dialogue
  • Partnered exercises and group sharing
  • Working with the breath
  • Conscious movement


About Sindhu


Sindhu commenced her spiritual journey in 1995. At the age of 25, married to a loving husband, with two beautiful kids, all the material comforts, and a “perfect life,” she realized something was amiss.

In 1998, a friend gifted her a book, “The Path of Meditation” by Osho. After reading and listening to more Osho she soon decided to visit OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune to take sannyas. This was a defining moment in her life and the beginning of a new phase.

She is deeply passionate about all things Osho and has been practicing and sharing them, alongside OSHO Meditative Therapies for the last 16 years.

More about Sindhu


“Everybody’s life, more or less, is governed by fear because there are only two ways to live life. Either it can be governed by love, or it can be governed by fear. Ordinarily, unless you have learned to love, it is governed by fear. Without love, fear is bound to be there. It is just an absence of love. It has nothing positive in it; it is just the absence of love. But if you can love, fear disappears. In the moment of love there is not even death.” - Osho

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