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The key to a life without regret.

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“The moment you accept the fact of death and begin to feel it, to live it, to be aware of it, you begin to drop through the inner door. The door opens, and through the door of death you begin to have glimpses of an eternal life.”  Osho

Do you spend a lot of time justifying yourself and your actions, protecting the identity that has been constructed for you by others and is keeping you smaller than you really are? Do you sometimes wonder what your life would be like if you were not held back by fear, or by concern for the opinions of others?

The peak experiences of life are all accompanied by the death of who and what we think we are. In love, in meditation, and in creativity, our boundaries disappear, and we become part of something beyond our small self, even if only for a moment, we experience ourselves as part of eternity. By integrating meditation into our lives, we can expand these brief glimpses and start living life as the unique manifestations of eternity we really are.

A Matter of Life and Death uses meditation techniques and exercises to move us beyond the mind – beyond belief and superstition – to the experience of our immortality. Sharing with a partner or with the group enhances and supports this process. While the subject is profound, the process is light-hearted, loving and supportive. You will be transformed by the experience of this course but also learn ways of continuing this transformation in your daily life.

The course takes place over one weekend day. Approximately 7.5 hours with breaks.


Course approach

  • Meditation
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About Kimaya & Sanjiva

Kimaya & Sanjiva

Kimaya is a holistic therapist, facilitator and trainer in the field of bodymind, energy work and meditation with more than 25 years of experience.

She offers OSHO Tantric Meditation Retreats, OSHO Hara Awareness, OSHO Holistic Bodywork, OSHO Trauma Healing and her OSHO Tantra for Women Series, around the world.

Though focused on love and awareness, Kimaya has a unique approach based on body-oriented therapy, subtle energy work and above all, meditation.

More about Kimaya

Sanjiva is an Osho facilitator, giving courses and events in USA, Chile, Japan and Spain. With more than 40 years as a seeker, with a background in philosophy, psychology and business, Sanjiva was initially attracted to Osho’s vision on death and dying consciously.

The issue of death has been a huge motivation in his life since an early age and as such he has done all the courses of OSHO Sammasati, while also supporting Maneesha in some of those same courses. He is very passionate about this work, exploring mortality, because he feels that it is the door to awareness and spiritual consciousness.

Sanjiva has translated and recorded many OSHO Meditations into Spanish including OSHO Bardo which he practices on a regular basis.

“Meditation is total death, voluntary death. One dies into oneself. Before death comes, the mystic dies. He dies every day. Whenever he meditates, he goes into death… He dies continuously and remains as fresh as dewdrops or lotus leaves in the early morning sun. His freshness, his youth, his timelessness, depend on the art of dying. And then when actual death comes, he has nothing to fear, because he has known this death thousands of times.” - Osho

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