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10-11 September

Free Taster: 8 September

LIVE Online Course – Sat & Sun, two 3-hour sessions each day

Become your own best friend and see your life begin to blossom

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“Self-love is the base of all possible love… Unless you love yourself, you cannot love anybody else.”   Osho

Osho has called awareness the alchemy of transformation. When we focus our awareness on our habits of self-rejection, the energy locking those habits in place is diverted into awareness – we stop maintaining the negativity. This opens us to our unique beauty, to rediscovering our essential value; to positive, loving relationships with ourselves and with others.

“Be conscious, and the first ripple will be self-love. You will love yourself because you are closest to yourself. It has to start there, just as you throw a stone in a silent lake and ripples arise. First, they arise just around the stone and then they spread toward the bank, then they go on spreading.”  Osho

The Opening to Self-Love process is based on individual, paired and group exercises, designed to bring our inner critics into the light of awareness. Our approach is light-hearted and loving so that the energy tied up in negativity can be gently released into positivity and then to what Osho calls the highest value of meditation – creativity.

Group sharing allows us to see that we all have similar beliefs that get in the way of our self-acceptance and to see that we are all worthy of love. —

When we are able to love ourselves, we find that our meditation happens more easily and on a deeper level.

Osho’s guidance is that Freudian based work is specifically designed for those from western cultures with western conditioning.

Participants may only sign up for the Opening to Self-Love course after completing an application form, which is part of the process and thus confidential. To receive this form, please write to tarika@osho.net expressing your interest in the course. Each participant needs to return this application form to the same email address before the start of the course or you will not be able to register for the course.

Course approach

  • Meditation
  • Issues

About Tarika


Tarika is an Osho facilitator with a master’s degree in Psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40+ years supporting people to enhance their quality of life. In her work, she combines meditation techniques with various therapeutic modalities and her greatest joy is watching people come to love themselves.

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"If you love yourself you will create a garden around yourself. You will try to grow your potential, you will try to bring out all that is in you to be expressed. If you love, you will go on showering yourself, you will go on nourishing yourself.

“In self-love you will start becoming more and more relaxed. A person who loves himself is totally relaxed.”
- Osho

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