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Living the mystery of death

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“If just once a person could see what dying is like, what happens in death, then the next time he would have no fear of death because there would be no death.”  Osho

Seeing Death as it really is – a great fiction
Secrets of Living and Dying takes place in a safe, loving atmosphere where we experiment with a variety of meditation techniques that allow us to let go of the barriers that create our sense of separation.

Through these meditations, we experience what it is to remain in a state of witnessing consciousness as we allow ourselves to let go into existence. This is an experience of the process of dying at a level above and beyond the physical body.
Osho calls meditation “total death, voluntary death” and says that only by dying to the past do we become alive to the present.


Knowing death from the inside
Meditation is the only way to know death from the inside. Until then we have only experienced death from the outside, other people’s death, or the death of an animal or plant.

In a safe and supportive space, we learn to face our fear of death and discover trust – the trust that arises when we recognize that we are, at the very core of our being, immortal, undying consciousness.

When we are relaxed in this space of trust, we create an atmosphere that enables others around us to relax as well. This is the greatest gift we can share with one another, especially in times of massive change, such as death or bereavement.


Secrets of Living and Dying gives you the following benefits:

  • Meditative tools to stay relaxed and present in the moment even in the face of death – our own or another’s
  • The experience that death is not a thing to be feared, and instead realize that it is an intrinsic part of life.
  • A taste of the joy that arises when you live from a place of trust
  • Confidence in your ability to share the space of relaxed, loving awareness, the space of trust, with others.


Secrets of Living and Dying consists of:

  • Osho insights and quotes about love, death and dying
  • Meditations from The Book of Secrets by Osho
  • Q&A sessions with the therapist
  • Group sharing in meeting rooms connecting with friends from around the world
  • An opportunity to explore life’s biggest questions, deeply and experientially
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may help you at this stage of your journey

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Course approach

  • Meditation

About Sudheer


Sudheer has been a meditator for 46 years and it shows! At the age of 70 he could pass for 50 and has a gentleness that makes him very relaxing to be around. He has experimented with all the OSHO meditations and many meditations from The Book of Secrets since. As a teenager Sudheer was fascinated by the big questions: What is life? What is death? – his favorite book was The Tibetan Book of the Dead. After studying philosophy, he realized that what he was seeking was not to be found in words, so he moved into working closely with people.

More about Sudheer

"It is just like when a drop is afraid before it falls into the ocean because to fall into the ocean means to dissolve, to disappear. It is natural for the drop to be afraid. To meet the ocean means its death, and death creates fear. But if the drop could know that there is also another aspect to dissolving into the ocean – the drop will disappear as a drop and it will become the ocean… If the drop could only realize that its death is also its life as the vast, as the deathless, then it would not be afraid." - Osho

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