OSHO Tantra for Women - Opening to a Deeper Sensitivity

A LIVE Online Course – Sat & Sun, 3 hours a day

Embracing the senses – opening to life

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The woman, to be really a woman, has to be more and more feminine, has to touch the heights of softness and vulnerability.”  Osho

Are you ready to embrace your natural sensuality and sensitivity?
Tantra for Women provides a loving, supportive environment where we can make a deeper contact with our sensual nature and discover a new sensitivity – to ourselves, to others and to life.
The course is also an opportunity to nourish our trust in other women and in the supportive power of sisterhood.

“Sensuousness is your very life. That is the difference between you and a stone – because the stone is not sensuous. The more sensuous you are, the more alive you are. And if your whole energy is released in loving, in being playfully sensuous without holding yourself back, without any fear – there is nothing to be afraid of. Sensuousness is one of the greatest blessings to humanity; it is your sensitivity, it is your consciousness; consciousness filtering through the body is what sensuousness is.”  Osho

Celebrating the fulness of who we are as women

In a gentle, caring atmosphere, we explore techniques that can help us to expand our body’s natural capacity to feel. We will learn to enjoy the simple fact of being alive in the body, and to drown in the flow of energy that is our inner bliss. We will use dance, breath, sharing, and tantric meditations from Osho’s The Book of Secrets to loosen the body, open our hearts, experience deeper layers of relaxation, and let go into our femininity.

This course is for women.


For generations women have suppressed their sensuality in order to be less threatening to men – and to other women – and to fit into societies where men’s fear of women was enshrined both in law and in custom. But now for the first time in history, we have the opportunity to claim our freedom and to fully embrace our sensuous nature, free of fear and shame.


  • To understand the language of the senses again and to merge deeply with life and existence
  • Techniques that help you remain relaxed and in touch with your body and senses in everyday life
  • That strength does not depend on force but on yielding to the energy of a situation
  • How a sense of belonging and community arises when women move beyond competition, to communion and trust
  • To allow the joy and the sense of empowerment that comes from supporting and being supported by other women


  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 3 hours a day
  • Techniques that you can use in your everyday life to remain alive and juicy
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may support you at this stage of your journey
  • Group sharing
  • Q&A with the therapist


OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini Meditation and the OSHO Evening Meeting are essential parts of any course booked on OIO and if you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have subscribed to iOSHO prior to the course starting. Once subscribed you will be able to do the meditations in the time and place suggested by the facilitator. Currently there is a free, 7-day trial, available. If the course you’ve booked is longer than 7 days, we suggest that you subscribe for one month.

Course approach

  • Body
  • Issues

About Kimaya


Kimaya is a holistic therapist, facilitator and trainer in the field of bodymind, energy work and meditation with more than 25 years of experience. She offers OSHO Tantric Meditation Retreats, OSHO Hara Awareness, OSHO Holistic Bodywork, OSHO Trauma Healing and her OSHO Tantra for Women Series, around the world. Though focused on love and awareness, Kimaya has a unique approach based on body-oriented therapy, subtle energy work and above all, meditation.

More about Kimaya

“Go to the tree, touch the tree. Touch a rock. Go to the river, let the river flow through your hands. Feel it! Swim, and feel the water again as the fish feels it. Don’t miss any opportunity to revive your senses… Sitting under your shower, use the opportunity – feel the touch of the water falling on you… Use every opportunity; only then will you be able to learn the language of the senses again. And Tantra can be understood only when your body is alive and your senses feel.” - Osho

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