OSHO No-Mind

How to let go of tension and rediscover relaxation

Online Course on Zoom

7 days, about 2 hours a day

“Only a no-mind is a creative mind. When the so-called mind disappears and there is just pure emptiness, virgin emptiness, out of that virgin emptiness arises creativity. A thousand and one flowers bloom in that emptiness.” Osho

OSHO No-Mind is a powerful Meditative Therapy consisting of an hour of gibberish followed by an hour of sitting silently.

Gibberish is a cathartic technique that encourages expressive sounds and body movements. The more total you are the more effective it is. Speaking gibberish means speaking in nonsense words, as Osho explains, “using any language that you don’t know.”

Gibberish helps to break mind’s habit of continual verbalization. It allows whatever is repressed to be expressed and thrown out, leaving the mind empty and silent.


All tension is based on inner conflict. And all inner conflict is based on a misunderstanding between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Someone insults you. You become angry and react, perhaps damaging them and/or yourself. Or you become sad and only damage yourself. The reality is different. The anger is sitting there waiting for a chance to be expressed and the insult provided the trigger by touching an old wound.
Then the mind jumps in and puts subtitles on the anger movie: “You are right to be angry – you have been insulted.”

The mind always needs to explain everything. In fact, neither you, nor the mind, know the real source of that anger.

The source of the anger lies elsewhere. But because you are distracted by the mind’s certainty that the anger is the result of today’s insult, you never get to experience the original anger. So, it is never resolved and keeps recurring.

The genius of gibberish is that you are expressing yourself verbally, but now in your own unique language that sounds totally genuine, but has no meaning! So, there are no words convincing you that your anger is caused by today’s insult. Yes, you may scream and shout, but now the subtitles on that emotional movie tell you nothing.

You allow the expression of that anger – but now with the nonsense words of your gibberish language. Instead of being distracted by mentally analyzing today’s insult, you just let rip at the sky. There are no real “words” trying to explain anything. Just raw emotions – no commentary, no explanation, no rationalization. Nothing! Just “a passionate dialog” – unaddressed.

Now the magic can happen. The emotional energy of that past trauma is accessed directly – and expressed. And so, dissolved. Now that same phenomenon can never recur.

After one hour of gibberish, you simply relax, do nothing, and discover that silence descends on its own. You experience an empty silent mind, full of awareness.

What has happened?

You have legs and are walking. Then you stop. You still have legs, but where has the walking gone? In meditation, where have the thoughts gone? You still have the mind, but it is silent – that is No-Mind! Which Osho describes as a “great revolution in your life that it has no parallel.”

“I am dealing with the contemporary man, who is the most restless being that has ever evolved on the earth. But people do become silent; you just have to allow them to throw out their madness, insanity, then they themselves become silent.”  Osho

To experience the peace and relaxation of a silent mind – the essence of meditation.

One hour of gibberish and one hour of sitting silently.



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