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Tune in to your uniqueness – unlock the best of you


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 minutes

“Astrology can be divided into three parts. The first part is the core, the essence: it is essential, and cannot be changed. It is the part which is most difficult to understand. The second part is the middle layer: it is semi-essential, and you can make whatever changes you want if you know how. Although without knowing how, no changes are possible at all. The third part is the outermost layer: it is nonessential, but we are all very curious about it.”  Osho

At the very center of our being we are infinite and undefinable – pure consciousness. On the surface we are conditioned ego that arises in response to our need to survive in a certain society and culture, but in between these two layers is the individual self – a one-off manifestation of existence, with unique qualities and perspectives. A life of freedom and fulfillment means we have let go of the constrictions of the ego and relaxed into the natural spontaneous dance of energy that is who we really are.

Astrology is an ancient science designed to help us to tune into our unique form of being-in-the-world, to learn to live in tune with our essence and to fully embrace who we are. From this place we begin to recognize our innate talents and to use them to manifest the best possible lives for ourselves and others.

In these sessions you can choose to focus on specific issues arising in your life right now, through the use of progressed charts and transits; or you can explore your natal chart and how it reflects and mirrors your life as a whole.

“When you are born, the melody created at that time by the tuning of the stars is inscribed on your mind, when it is in its freshest, most unsophisticated, and most sensitive state, that of birth. This will determine your good or ill health throughout your life. When you live in tune with the original musical harmony that existed at the time of your birth, then you are healthy. And whenever your tuning with this fundamental musical harmony breaks down, you become ill.”  Osho

Couples sessions are also available.

60 Minutes
€120 EUR / hour




Raj was a practicing lawyer when he came across an Osho book and then, soon after his first Osho Dynamic Meditation, he quit his law practice and has been with Osho ever since.

He is trained as an Osho Therapist and has facilitated and facilitates courses and sessions ranging from OSHO Primal Therapy, to OSHO Astrology, OSHO Tai Chi, OSHO Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?

He gives online individual sessions and classes.

He is a committed meditator and it is meditation that forms the underlying basis of all of his work.

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English, Dutch

Vayu brings a strong background of meditation and introspection to her work as an astrologer. She has been supporting people to recognize their essential nature for the past 25 years with her chart readings which have a strong focus on the “Dark Moon”.
She credits Peter Delahay (Netherlands) for a large part of her astrological focus.

She is also a trained social worker and budget coach.

For Vayu, astrology is a method that can support the search in life. Her consultations give a broader picture of the influences in your life and how best to move forward. She has experience working with adult, adolescent, and children’s horoscopes.

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