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OSHO Body Awareness Impulse Counseling

Tapping into your inner wisdom. Activating your inner resources.


“Learn to flow with existence so you don’t have any guilt and any wounds. Don’t fight with your body, or nature, or anything, so you are at peace and at home, calm and collected. This will help you to become more alert, more aware, more conscious, which finally leads to the ocean of ultimate awakening.”  Osho

Our respect for the body, and a gentle awareness of its needs, moment-to-moment, are decisive factors in our health. Our bodymind has its own innate wisdom communicated through intuitive impulses. To recognize and respond to these impulses allows a natural harmony to re-establish itself in the bodymind. A steady ongoing improvement in wellbeing results.

You are invited to address any personal issues that prevent you from living your life to the fullest and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You will be introduced to a variety of effective self-help tools and meditative techniques from Osho’s “The Book of Secrets”. These can be easily incorporated into your daily life, helping you escape from the habits and attitudes that are keeping you stuck.

“If you are right, your life will be a life of joy; if you are wrong, your life will be a life of misery… Each act is intrinsically decisive.”  Osho

This counseling session aims to encourage your bodymind to reveal solutions that suit your own unique constitution and apply them to address stress-related disorders such as headaches, migraines, insomnia and chronic exhaustion. We will explore the life-giving resources of your bodymind at its best, giving you access to a fresh perspective and greater wellbeing.

Duration: 60 or 90 min. If you’ve been living with persistent symptoms or personal challenges over a longer period, a 90 min. session or even a more detailed intervention of 3 to 6 sessions is recommended.

“Once you are free of the past a tremendous realization happens you are free of the future also. And your being free of the future means that now you are free to make your future. It will not be made by the past; it will be made by your nature, by your intelligence, by your meditation, by your silence, by your love.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour



English, German

Turiya is an experienced bodymind trainer, Feldenkrais practitioner, hypnotherapist, meditation facilitator and published author who has been working in the field of bodymind integration and meditation for 25 years. She is a facilitator of the OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind and OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation as well as a trainer for OSHO Active Meditations: In-Depth and OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training.

For as long as she can remember, Turiya has been interested in “how one can help oneself feel at home in the body and good in one’s own skin.” This curiosity has been present throughout her life and is reflected in the body awareness and meditation based work called “BodyWareness” which she has developed over the years. With warmth of heart, reality consciousness and know-how, she encourages clients, workshop participants, and trainees to become familiar and confident with their inner world and to express it authentically in harmony with the body.

In a straight-forward, yet heartwarming way, Turiya also works with people to address health problems, injuries, or major stress. No matter what the issue, be it pain, exhaustion, mental overload, sleeplessness, anxiety, migraines, burn-out or lack of fulfillment, she encourages clients to find their own way through the situation using the body’s perception as a guide.

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