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OSHO Chronic Stress and Tension Release

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Live Online Session – 90 Minutes

When we experience chronic stress or trauma we become hypervigilant – unable to relax even briefly, our stress levels keep increasing and that stress and trauma gets locked into our system and then becomes chronic.

Psychogenic tremors are usually seen as unwanted symptoms of underlying stress or disease but, in this session, you will be shown how to deliberately bring them about, and to use them to promote the release of deep chronic tension and trauma in the body.

By using the tremors deliberately, you are taking control of a process that is normally involuntary. This reinforces your sense of agency, helping to overcome feelings of helplessness.

You may also start to experience yourself as separate from the body and its activities. This witnessing is the beginning of meditation – the first step on the path to liberation.

This session can help you release tension in the body and mind, gain a greater sense of agency in your life, and have a glimpse of meditation and its power to change your life.

“When you will be able to turn your mind on and off at will, when you will say “No more,” and the mind will stop then and there, only then can you think that you are sane, that you are healthy. But the reality is just the contrary. You say ‘No more’ and your mind says, ‘Say what you like, but I will do what I want to do, I will go where I want to go.’ You are moving heaven and earth to quieten your thoughts, but they simply don’t listen, they go their own way.”  Osho


90 Minutes
€120 EUR / 90 minutes



English, German

Aneesha has 21 years of meditation experience and practice in mindfulness as well as self-inquiry and therapy under her belt, and her work is based on her own inner healing and personal development and her time with Osho.

With a varied array of experience and training she can integrate tools and skills in her sessions that bring together the best of all that she’s learned. She has been working with people in different settings since 2004 out of a deep sense of caring for the world and love for humanity. It is her mission to work towards global transformation, raising awareness and contributing to an awakened civilization on this planet. She will not provide a quick fix, teach coping strategies, or treat symptoms, instead, she is dedicated to facilitating change and transformation starting at the root cause of the problem.

Aneesha is a certified and registered holistic counselor, with training in the OSHO Meditative Therapies, Person-centered Therapy, Art Therapy, BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Therapy, Body Oriented Trauma Work, Stress Biology, Stress Management, Couples and Relationship Counseling, Emotional Release Therapy, Belief Management, Meditation, and Mindfulness.

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