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OSHO DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom

Waking up from the matrix of unreality.


Live Online Session – 90 Minutes

“Ego is a false phenomenon – just an appearance, not a reality. It is not something grounded in the being – just a dream, a thought, just a mental construction. So, the more you belong to the ego, the less you belong to the existence. The more you concentrate on your ego, the less and less you are authentic. You become false – an existential lie.”  Osho

We come into the world with our own natural disposition, ready to grow and blossom into unique individuals. As we grow, however, we define ourselves so as to fit with the expectations of others – we create an identity out of notions such as nationality, religious belief, gender identification, even the color of our skin. We also learn to judge ourselves by the standards of a society steeped in fear, greed and competition.

DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom goes beyond merely changing the unconscious beliefs and pre-conceptions that form the basis of our ego – it wakes us up to the reality of who we are – consciousness, unlimited, unconfined, eternal. It leaves us free to allow our energy to flow freely and naturally and our unique spontaneous nature to flourish.

“Hypnosis can help you to be aware that all is dreaming. And then you take another step into a higher hypnosis – and the higher hypnosis becomes de-hypnosis. Higher hypnosis means dropping hypnosis. Knowing it well, that you can change your belief and you can change your reality, one day you come to realize that now you can drop all beliefs – and all relative realities disappear.”  Osho

90 Minutes
€EUR 120 / 90 Minutes



English, German

Nidal MD is an experienced and passionate facilitator in both OSHO DeHypnosis and OSHO Meditations, which he uses to support people in their inner growth.

Originally a medical doctor, he started using medical hypnosis in his work. Later, after getting in contact with Osho’s work, meditation entered into his understanding of the power of the subconscious which is when meditation became the source of his whole work with individuals.

Based on this understanding and on his personal meditation experience he created his own way of working with people: “OSHO DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom”, an individually tailored process which includes specific hypnosis techniques combined with meditation.

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