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OSHO Healing Sounds

Coming home to your body. Harmony and healing through sound.


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 minutes

“Words are limited, sounds have unlimited significance.”  Osho

Your body is a natural musical instrument, play on it and make the music that will heal your bodymind, and give you the confidence that arises from being grounded in your body, as well as bringing a natural spontaneity and joy to your life.

Your facilitator will support your playful exploration of the wide range of expressions your voice is capable of. This will deepen your awareness of the connection between your voice and emotions, and allow you to experience the effects of different vocal expressions on your body. Sounds are intimately connected to emotions, and the emotions are rooted in the body. Spontaneous vocalization uncovers the source of emotional issues, supports release, and brings health and flexibility to your bodymind.


“Man is a musical instrument. If we allow existence, it can create much music in us. But we don’t allow it; we resist, we fight. Hence our life remains musicless, and that is the misery. Unless great music is born in the heart one cannot feel any significance, any splendor in life. And once the heart starts singing, once it is in the hands of existence and it starts playing on the heart, life is a celebration.”  Osho

Are you ready to feel more in tune – more at home in your body? Are you ready to communicate more naturally and spontaneously? Would you love to belt out a song in the shower and discover you are hitting the right notes without really trying? Healing Sounds can give you all this and more.

Singing and humming have scientifically documented benefits, both physical and psychological. When we hum or sing we increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body, while also tonifying the vagus nerve. As a result, stress stored in the body is released, inflammation is reduced, immunity is enhanced and the autonomic processes of the body function more smoothly. The psychological benefits of singing and humming include enhanced emotional resilience, a feeling of being at home in your own skin, more spontaneous self-expression and enhanced creativity. Humming and singing can also alleviate anxiety and relieve depression.

To produce melodious sounds requires us to be centered in the body in a state of relaxed awareness. In turn the sounds we produce enhance our ability to relax into the moment, forming a beneficial feedback loop. Spontaneity banishes self-criticism. Relax and enjoy.


  • You will learn to enjoy your body as a musical instrument.
  • You will become aware of the deep connection between your voice and your emotions.
  • You will learn how to consciously use the voice to release stress and to modulate the stress response as it arises.
  • You will learn how to express yourself freely without inhibition, both in song and in your communication with others.
  • You will learn to use voice to harmonize the flow of energy in your body.
  • Your will find that your meditation becomes deeper and happens more easily.
  • You will experience the difference it makes to be doing something for the sheer joy of it.


  • A LIVE online session of 60 minutes with a certified facilitator with extensive experience in meditation
  • Simple effective tools for relaxation that you can use in your daily life and share with others
  • Short meditation techniques – a takeaway package
  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may help you at this stage of your journey

“In fact, it is not right to say that the birds are singing. It will be better to say that singing is happening to the birds. It is simply coming out without any effort, it is not a doing. They are not rehearsing for it. They are not going to a music institute, nobody has ever taught them how to sing. They don’t bother whether their singing has any meaning in it. Sheer joy!”  Osho



60 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour



English, Hindi

Sadhana is born in India and has been facilitating OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditations for over two decades.

She is trained by Osho Multiversity and she has been part of the team who offered these courses in Pune, India and around the world.
Sadhana has traveled extensively in China, the UK, France, Portugal, Canada, and USA facilitating OSHO Meditations and courses.
She has found the immediate effect of these therapies designed by Osho which are both simple and profound.

The unique feature of OSHO courses is cleansing and unburdening the past which makes people utterly relaxed and fresh.

She has worked with hundreds of people from around the globe and found that these meditations are equally effective for all cultures and ages.

She also gives individual sessions which can go deeper as one works on specific issues.

She uses Osho insights in dealing with emotional issues which helps people to understand their causes and supports moving into meditation more easily.

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