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OSHO Hypnosis for Meditation

Escaping the dream


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 or 90 minutes

“Thinking is a long habit with us. It has become just a robot-like, mechanical thing. It is not that you think; now it is not your decision. It is a mechanical habit, you cannot do anything else.”  Osho

Our minds provide us with a running commentary on our lives and we rarely get past the verbalizations of the mind to meet experience pure and unadulterated.

No sooner do our eyes alight on a sunset than we shrink from it into the words “beautiful sunset”. We may even take a photograph so we can share it on social media – where others can verbalize about it too – adding to the story we are creating in our mind of “having a wonderful life”.

“We have no nonverbal experiences; only small children have. Nonverbal experience is really experience. Verbalization is escaping from the experience.”  Osho

We are so identified with the dream that it is difficult to stop playing our role in it. We believe that the dream is all we have and to move out of it is threatening.

Osho Hypnosis for meditation can put the dreaming mind to sleep while supporting you to remain alert. And when thoughts cease, there comes the recognition that you are separate – that you are outside the dream. This is meditation, this is who and where you really are.

This taste of meditation may inspire you to integrate a meditative practice into your daily life and the added help of post-hypnotic suggestions can help make that meditation easier and more relaxing.

“As far as I am concerned hypnosis is simply a relaxed, deliberate sleep with a small opening, a little window, to the person who hypnotized you. He can tell you that your meditation will go deeper every day, and if this thought gets in your unconscious, your meditation will start going deeper. Just a few sessions and he can give you the last post-hypnotic suggestion: now you don’t need any hypnosis; your meditation will go deeper on its own accord.”  Osho

60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR per hour



English, Dutch

Lahma’s whole life is focused around yoga, meditation and healthy living.

She studied psychology, hypnosis and various yoga styles and her unique approach is based on her years living, working and facilitating the Osho way around the world.

She is an experienced, certified facilitator, and facilitator – trainer for OSHO Yoga, OSHO Active Meditations, OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind and Body and OSHO Breath courses.

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English, German

Nidal MD is an experienced and passionate facilitator in both OSHO DeHypnosis and OSHO Meditations, which he uses to support people in their inner growth.

Originally a medical doctor, he started using medical hypnosis in his work. Later, after getting in contact with Osho’s work, meditation entered into his understanding of the power of the subconscious which is when meditation became the source of his whole work with individuals.

Based on this understanding and on his personal meditation experience he created his own way of working with people: “OSHO DeHypnosis for Inner Freedom”, an individually tailored process which includes specific hypnosis techniques combined with meditation.

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English, Dutch

Sudheer has been a meditator for 46 years and it shows! At the age of 70 he could pass for 50 and has a gentleness that makes him very relaxing to be around.
His first experience of OSHO Dynamic Meditation, at the age of 24, took him to “the space he was searching for” and he has experimented with all the OSHO meditations and many meditations from The Book of Secrets since.

As a teenager Sudheer was fascinated by the big questions: What is life? What is death? – his favorite book was The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a kind of guide book for the afterlife.
After studying philosophy for a while, he realized that what he was seeking was not to be found in words, so he moved into working closely with people, training as a general and psychiatric nurse.

Sudheer is also trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis and NLP and is experienced in helping people move into death consciously and joyfully. He is especially interested in using Hypnosis to deepen meditation and to deal with end-of-life issues – he is one of the co-creators of the OSHO Bardo, a popular guided meditative process for everyday use or for preparing for death.

Sudheer also travels the world facilitating meditation courses in such places as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Spain, the Netherlands and the US.

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