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OSHO Inner Man – Inner Woman

Embracing all that you are


LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 or 90 minutes

“When your inner man and your inner woman have disappeared into each other, have become dissolved into each other, when they are no longer separate, when they have become one integrated whole, you have become an individual.”  Osho

Depending on the culture we are raised in, certain qualities are seen as masculine or feminine and encouraged or suppressed with varying levels of determination by family and society.

This means that we lose access to qualities essential to a fulfilling life, and we may spend a great deal of energy seeking these qualities in others. This seeking can lead to compulsive and dependent ways of relating which reflect our inner imbalances. When we are faced with choice, may find that we swing back and forth between apathy and impulsivity, and between dependent and anti-dependent behaviors.

The Inner Man – Inner Woman process is especially helpful for people who feel confused and indecisive about their current life situation.

By bringing our awareness into the here and now, we move to a position of strength and clarity – beyond the polarities that keep us in confusion. From this space of awareness and understanding arises insights into our life issues, and also into the patterns of repression and identification that cloud our vision.

Repressed aspects of your being can be allowed to take voice – to engage in dialogue with other parts that you are strongly identified with. As you see these energies clearly, and how they relate to each other, they begin to merge – to reconcile – while you remain calm, detached, and non-judgemental in watching.

Your facilitator will support you at an energy level to see, for yourself, the answers you need. You may find that questions simply dissolve as your inner man and inner woman come into balance and make peace with one another.

You will take from this session a sense of unity, empowerment and clarity.

“Once you recognize them, they start melting into each other without any effort on your part. Just your recognition is enough to trigger the process of merger.”

“Only the meditator comes to know his whole being. Suddenly his inner woman and the inner man melt and merge into each other. That creates an orgasmic state in him. Now it is no more a momentary experience that comes and goes; it is something that continues, day in, day out, like heartbeat or breathing. Every moment he is in an orgasmic state.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour




Angela loves supporting men and women who are in the grip of a toxic relationship to unravel those self-torturing voices in your head and uncover what is really going on beneath the surface so that you can know what is right for you and have a clear path towards healing your relationship and your heart.

Having resolved deep trauma from early childhood that once thwarted her relationships, Angela knows exactly how it is to feel hurt, frustrated and like a failure when it comes to building joyful and supportive relationships both at home and with a partner.

Using Osho’s approach to therapy, together in these sessions we will find the root cause of your suffering so that you can stop feeling paralyzed by conflicting emotions that keep you tossing and turning at night searching for answers. And you’ll be able to stop jumping down people’s necks or perhaps freezing on the spot when someone attacks you or violates your boundaries. And instead, you’ll be able to respond from a place of power and presence that is full of love for yourself and also a deeper understanding for the other. Finally, you’ll know the true secret of how to create a loving relationship both with yourself and towards others.

Angela has over 20 years of experience in various approaches to therapy including, counseling, breath-work, energy-healing, primal therapy, family constellation and relationship dynamics to name a few so that each session is tailored exactly to your own personal needs.

She’s looking forward to meeting you and showing you this simple approach to resolving inner conflict and establishing healthy boundaries so that you feel more empowered and fully able to create the joyful relationships that you deserve.

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English, French, German

Dhyani studied psychology and numerous humanistic approaches to heal and to investigate herself and others before she met Osho in 1987.

Since that meeting, she immersed herself fully in Osho’s work, learning OSHO Breath, Tantra, Counseling, Star Sapphire, Encounter, OSHO Meditative Therapies and more.
She co-developed OSHO Aquafloating, and a course called Love Yourself and Watch.

Dhyani has facilitated many workshops and courses including: OSHO Breath, OSHO Opening to Feelings, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, Love Yourself and Watch, Awakening Intensive, OSHO Aquafloating, Healing Birth-Trauma, Self-Regulation and Meditation, as well as giving individual sessions in these areas.

In 2008 she studied Somatic Experiencing, and continues to work with this method in individual sessions as well as offering self-experimental courses where people can learn about the nervous system and how to self-regulate, resource, and heal past traumas.
Her deep insight into the nature of self and existence combined with her profound understanding and experience working with people, can create an opening to understanding one’s relationship with life and death.

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English, Japanese

Khalwati being from Nagasaki Japan, she passionately searched for peace, in her role as Civil Peace Ambassador, where she was deeply involved in the Japanese “Never Again Campaign”.

However, her search for peace, outside, took a 180° turn when visiting the OSHO International Meditation Resort for the first time in 2003, where she immersed herself in meditation and what became a passionate search within.

Over the last 10 years, Khalwati has been continuously involved in the work of Osho sharing her energy for meditation and music in the latter singing and playing the piano are her favorites.

Her expertise and experience, in a variety of self-explorative, self-healing techniques, counseling classes and courses, find their expression within individual sessions and courses.

• Further certifications and trainings:

-Star Sapphire & Psychic Massage

-Reiki Teacher


-Body Bliss

-OSHO Zen Tarot Reading

• Multiversity certifications:

– OSHO Born Again

– OSHO No-Mind

– OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind

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English, German

Oma was 23 years old when she fell in love with OSHO Active Meditations. At first, she went through a personal therapeutic process and later received trainings in those therapeutic skills that she is using today. Her interest is in learning the art of bringing awareness and meditativeness into daily life and into work situations.

During her first training years, Oma focused on deepening her understanding of the connection between body and psyche. Her longing was to learn to touch someone not only by one’s hands with the physical body, but also meeting the Inner through heart and awareness. She experienced that when one allows oneself to deeply rest inside while interacting mentally or physically, the meeting of two beings can happen. In such a climate — while working with personal issues — love for one’s life and one’s truth is inspired and nourished.

Currently living in Germany, Oma is part of the medical and therapeutic team in a clinic for psychotherapy and psychosomatic issues. Oma’s responsibilities are interventions in integrated bodywork and counseling, as well as facilitation of meditations and classes in stress-management and relaxation techniques. She also takes care of diagnostic, psychometric tests that help to fine-tune the individual’s therapeutic process. Besides working with people, she is intrigued by the science of psychology and has recently become involved in a research project on trauma and depression organized by Stanford University (USA).

She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from Fern Universität in Hagen, Germany. She is also trained in bodywork (OSHO Psychic Massage and OSHO Breath), in counseling (Star Sapphire), OSHO Meditative Therapies (OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Mystic Rose and OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking To Your BodyMind), and OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation.

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