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OSHO Primal Deconditioning

Healing the inner child – reconnecting with your innocence and integrity


“Whatever you have been told by the society that you are – discard it.”  Osho

As children we depended entirely on others to fulfil our needs with our need for love being the most fundamental of all. Out of the fear of being deprived of love we tried to conform to the expectations of others. As a result, we lost integrity and became inauthentic. Our natural spontaneous responses were buried under conditioned habits.

As Osho says: “What are you? Just watch, and you will find a bundle of old habits. You don’t yet have anything more. That’s the whole effort of meditation: to bring something more to your life which is not a habit, something which is spontaneous, something which is nonmechanical, something which transforms you from a robot into a conscious being.”


“There must be more to life than this” sang the man who had everything – fame, adulation, heaps of money… Sadly, he died before realising that he was searching for meaning in the wrong direction. If you are still carrying the wounds of your childhood conditioning you will never find fulfilment. You can distract yourself from your inner discontent by throwing yourself into any number of competitions that promise you your 15 minutes of fame; you can join the race to die with the most toys; or you can postpone the idea of fulfilment altogether by attempting to be “good”, to live in such a way as to please some god or other so as to get rewarded in the next life. Phooey! All soap bubbles! There is more to life than you have ever dreamed of. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out what that more is. You won’t regret it.


“Remember that at the deepest core of your being you still have the eyes of a child – wondering, inquiring, full of the mystery of life, surprised at each and everything, surprised at ordinary things.” Osho

Our negative self-judgments arise from the knowledge that, in the powerlessness of childhood we betrayed our own clarity of vision – our ability to mirror reality, undistorted – by pretending we didn’t see the hypocrisy around us. Over time, we forgot that we were pretending – we became unconscious of our true nature as perfect mirrors of reality. In a very real sense, we went to sleep. Fortunately, we can wake up. We can retrieve the memories of self-betrayal, own them, forgive ourselves and reconnect with our innate clarity of vision.

To support the process of reconnecting with your inner child, we will use simple, but effective, techniques such as:

  • intuitive dialogue
  • gestalt
  • mirroring
  • guided regression

You will learn how to recognize when you are reacting from the habits of the past and to move instead into the clarity of the here and now. This is what is meant by embracing the inner child. In that clarity you will find the gentle strength, the joy, and the clear-eyed innocence that comes with being at one with yourself and existence. You will learn ways to relax into this space in your daily life – it can become your home again – with the added dimension of gratitude, for paradise regained.


  • An online face-to-face dialogue with an experienced, certified OSHO Primal Therapist. You can book one session, though a series of sessions is recommended.
  • Support to experience the powerful transformation of emotion and distress that occurs when you move to the space of witnessing – watching with self-compassion and without judgement.
  • All your questions and concerns responded to with love and respect.
  • Advice regarding the use of meditation particularly OSHO Active Meditations to support you on your journey to freedom and happiness.

Osho’s guidance is that primal work is specifically designed for those from western cultures with western conditioning.

“Happiness is the function of your consciousness when it is awake, unhappiness is the function of your consciousness when it is asleep. Unconsciousness is your mirror burdened with much dust and luggage, and the past. Happiness is when the burden has been dropped and the mirror is found again; your mirror can again reflect the trees and the sun and the sand and the sea and the stars. When you have again become innocent, when you again have the eyes of a child – in that clarity you are happy.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR/hour



English, Dutch

Bela knew she wanted to become a primal therapist after completing her own primal process in the early 90s. After coming into contact with Osho she also knew she wanted to learn, understand, and implement Osho’s vision in her work, which is ongoing.

She has been deeply moved and touched by sharing primal work, experiencing this as her biggest passion, and it also supports her never-ending curiosity to understand how conditioning colors human behavior.

Her professional and skilled approach is grounded in her own growth process and meditation. The courses and sessions she facilitates are known for their depth and clarity, a place where people can feel free to be seen as they truly are.

Bela is a certified OSHO Primal Therapist and AFH – The OSHO Freedom Process facilitator. She completed the OSHO Inner Child Co-Dependency Training; OSHO Born Again, OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Mystic Rose Facilitating Trainings, and OSHO Meditation: In-Depth and Facilitating. She also facilitates OSHO Opening to Self-Love and OSHO Opening to Intimacy courses.

Bela has been contributing to Osho’s work since 2001.

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Raj was a practicing lawyer when he came across an Osho book and then, soon after his first Osho Dynamic Meditation, he quit his law practice and has been with Osho ever since.

He is trained as an Osho Therapist and has facilitated and facilitates courses and sessions ranging from OSHO Primal Therapy, to OSHO Astrology, OSHO Tai Chi, OSHO Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and OSHO Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?

He gives online individual sessions and classes.

He is a committed meditator and it is meditation that forms the underlying basis of all of his work.

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Tarika has a master’s degree in psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40+ years supporting people to enhance their quality of life.

Tarika calls herself an Osho Therapist as the primary inspiration for her work comes from the Enlightened Mystic Osho. Tarika’s work combines meditation techniques with various therapeutic modalities. Her greatest joy is watching people learn to love themselves.

In her search for deeper understanding, she created the Transessence Technique (a tool for essential living) which she shares with individuals and groups around the world.

Tarika is now seen traveling around the world, these days via Zoom, to share all of what has been important to her on her journey towards living a more conscious life. She is doing groups on Early Childhood, Self-Love, Death, Women’s Issues, Working with People and Living in Present time. She also maintains an individual and couple’s therapy practice.

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