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OSHO Trauma Healing



LIVE Online Individual Session of 60 or 90 minutes

“Trust is a perfume of balance, the fragrance of balance.”  Osho

An Trauma Healing session can help clear the bodymind of the shocks that accumulate when we are unable to process the energy of events in a natural way – in situations where we feel overwhelmed and disempowered. In an atmosphere of respect and love we use the techniques of Somatic Experiencing® to provide an emotionally safe space from which the energy of traumatic events can be witnessed and safely released, allowing you to return to inner balance.


“Your consciousness is just a very flickering thing, very momentary, with no stability, comes and goes, and is beyond your power; you cannot recall it when it is needed… When your consciousness has become a stable factor in you, an integrated factor in you, a crystallized factor in you, and you can depend on it… Right now, you cannot depend on it. You are going along, very conscious, and somebody hits you – immediately the consciousness is gone; it is not dependable.”  Osho

The nature of trauma is such that we bury the causes deep in the bodymind and may remain completely unaware of the cause of our symptoms. We can try to manage unresolved trauma through medication, self-medication with addictions, or by intellectualizing our emotions and projecting our pain externally into various “causes”. But the effects of trauma remain in the nervous system and continue to run our lives.

Some of the ways buried trauma can manifest are:

  • The obsessive need for control
  • Panic attacks
  • Hypervigilance
  • Feeling overly responsible – high levels of self blame
  • Unreasonable attempts to rescue others
  • Difficulty with relationships and attachment
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feelings of worthlessness and ongoing depression
  • High levels of conflict avoidance
  • Eating disorders and/or self harm
  • Constantly feeling like a victim and overreacting to perceived slights


You will learn techniques for use in situations that would normally trigger shock or reaction, so that you can process them easily and naturally and return to inner balance.

You will learn techniques that allow you to access your own inbuilt alchemical superpower – witnessing – to transmute trauma into awareness and joy.

You will learn to face life with courage and confidence, accepting that its ongoing challenges are not a sign that life is victimizing you, but a gift from existence that helps you to keep growing in awareness, in love, in joy, in celebration.


  • A LIVE online session of 60 or 90 minutes with a certified facilitator who is also an experienced meditator
  • Suggestions for techniques that will work best for you
  • Understanding regarding the OSHO Active Meditations® and their role in supporting your journey to healing


“If you understand it, the world is a great device of God to make you more conscious. Your enemy is your friend, and the curses are blessings, and the misfortunes can be turned into fortunes. It depends only on one thing: if you know the key of awareness. Then you can turn everything into gold.”  Osho


60/90 Minutes
€80 EUR / hour



English, French, German

Dhyani studied psychology and numerous humanistic approaches to heal and to investigate herself and others before she met Osho in 1987.

Since that meeting, she immersed herself fully in Osho’s work, learning OSHO Breath, Tantra, Counseling, Star Sapphire, Encounter, OSHO Meditative Therapies and more.
She co-developed OSHO Aquafloating, and a course called Love Yourself and Watch.

Dhyani has facilitated many workshops and courses including: OSHO Breath, OSHO Opening to Feelings, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, Love Yourself and Watch, Awakening Intensive, OSHO Aquafloating, Healing Birth-Trauma, Self-Regulation and Meditation, as well as giving individual sessions in these areas.

In 2008 she studied Somatic Experiencing, and continues to work with this method in individual sessions as well as offering self-experimental courses where people can learn about the nervous system and how to self-regulate, resource, and heal past traumas.
Her deep insight into the nature of self and existence combined with her profound understanding and experience working with people, can create an opening to understanding one’s relationship with life and death.

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English, Hindi

Richa graduated with an honors degree in psychology, with guidance and counseling as her double majors and went on to expand her understanding by completing an MA in psychology. She has a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication, but her passion has always been interacting and working with people and sharing her skills and life experience.

She is one of the first craniosacral therapists in India and has been working in health and wellness for more than a decade. She is also a hypnotherapist and a registered member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Richa supports mental health and well-being in her clients with OSHO Trauma Healing through Somatic Experiencing® , again pioneering the work in this faculty, graduating from the first group of trained facilitators in India.

Inspired by the quest for inner transformation and having grown up in the climate of meditation, Richa includes Osho’s meditations and insights in her work and in her day-to-day life.

She is an experienced facilitator and trainer for OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind and Facilitating, OSHO Self-Hypnosis for Meditation, OSHO Active Meditations: In-Depth and OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator Training.

Richa has shared OSHO Meditations through regular workshops and courses, and OSHO Meditative Therapies in different cities of India and abroad, for targeted audiences which include sportspersons, the corporate world, show business personalities, and industrialists.

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English, Italian

Sambhavo is a therapist from Italy with a master’s degree and a PhD in clinical psychology. He was a lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of Florence from 1994 to 2000.

His passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to oriental philosophy, meditation, and psychology from a young age.

He has traveled all over the world to be trained in the most effective therapies available, including Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, body-oriented Trauma Therapy and Psychodynamic.

Over the past decades he has offered regular one to one therapy sessions and courses such as OSHO Opening to Self-Love, OSHO Inner Judge, OSHO Opening to Intimacy, OSHO Tantra, AFH – The OSHO Freedom Process and the Path of Love.

His longing for truth never subsides; he constantly searches, explores, and works on himself, experiencing new methods, approaches, and self-development processes.

As a professional therapist, he is a member of A.P.A. American Psychological Association, the E.F.P.A. European Federation Psychologists Associations, and the I.T.A. International Transpersonal Association.

Perhaps more important than all of his experience and background, Sambhavo is an Osho therapist with the understanding that the ultimate healing for clients is in the silence of the heart.

He currently offers meditations, sessions for both singles and couples, and courses in English, Italian and Spanish.

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